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By: Topdesk  09-12-2011
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Does your organization provide IT products or services to other organizations? A high-quality service level is of vital importance; a good relationship with your customers is after all central. Customer management, contracts and complaints registration, and gathering knowledge are of utmost importance for your service desk to function optimally.

When a customer contacts your service desk, you certainly wish to know with whom you are doing business. TOPdesk software enables you to always have all data at hand; not only address data, but for example also maintenance contracts and the history of the relevant customer appear on your screen. TOPdesk can be integrated with your Customer Relation Management system to communicate all the relevant details concerning your customer into TOPdesk. This makes the processing of calls both fast and meticulous.

Via an online support portal your customers can search through your Knowledge base for a solution to their problem or an answer to their question. When a customer cannot find an answer, he or she can easily log the incident via the web-based Self Service Desk.


Contracts and subscriptions

Clear agreements regarding the level of your services help set expectations with your customers and your service desk. By compiling a service catalogue you can record all the products and services that your service desk offers. Your customers will then always know what to expect from you.

Keywords: service desk

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