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By: Topdesk  09-12-2011

TOPdesk for facilities management is CAFM software (Computer Aided Facility Management) at its best. You can streamline your entire facilities infrastructure with this affordable, first-rate CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) application, which assists you in virtually all aspects of facilities management. This includes the processing of calls, requests and reservations of company property and assets. Detailed overviews, to do lists, work orders and reports are all integral components.

Comprehensive CAFM/CMMS 

TOPdesk for facilities management is the ultimate CAFM/CMMS solution for asset management. It enables you to conveniently arrange and store important data concerning employees, suppliers, company assets, locations and branches all in one application. TOPdesk offers optimized support for processes such as reservations, fleet management, key management, branch management, maintenance, contract management and long-term planning.

TOPdesk’s Fleet management module provides you with a clear overview of all of your vehicles. You register each vehicle individually with extensive details including costs, deductions, insurance, repairs and maintenance.

And since related processes are linked together, you have the option to reserve vehicles. You are able to see who is using what vehicle, and where they are located, at any given point in time. This is especially ideal for shared autos.

Key management provides you with an overview of the keys within your organization, including the persons and rooms to which they belong. You identify each lock by type, status, manufacturer, installation date and access code. You can easily process events such as internal moves and the issuing of new or replacement keys in TOPdesk.

The Property management module handles the registration of properties, their spatial design and the associated usage allocations. You will always have relevant data at hand, such as the capacity and arrangement, or surface area and finish of locations. Such information enables you to schedule maintenance, conclude contracts with suppliers or introduce changes into the infrastructure. An AutoCAD link gives you direct access to the latest available drafts and designs. 

How large a budget do you assign for the maintenance of the premises your organization occupies? When does it become more economical to replace company assets than repair them? TOPdesk's Long-term Planning module helps you to address all these issues and more. Structure the management, scheduling and budgeting of long-term planning for your organization's premises.

Shared Service Centre

Step by step implementation of TOPdesk modules

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