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By: Todays Trucking  09-12-2011

As well, TomTom's new iPhone app, version 1.9, offers compatibility for Canadian drivers of all sorts. HD Traffic is said to save time and alleviate stress by continuously monitoring and rerouting drivers based on current traffic conditions. It processes traffic conditions for both the major and secondary roads within the Canadian road network and delivers real-time traffic updates every two minutes.The GPS unit automatically favours main roads over secondary ones, avoids sharp turns and U-turns, and includes a comprehensive collection of truck attributes such as weight and dimension limitations to avoid low-bridge clearances, and others such as hazmat restrictions. Safety-focused features include: road restriction and dead-end warnings that automatically pop up before drivers encounter danger; advanced lane guidance to help maneuver through difficult intersections; hands-free dialing; and a clear 5-in. touch-screen. TomTom has partnered with to deliver comprehensive map attributes, claiming to result in "17 times more last-mile commercial vehicle coverage.”The new GPS includes map coverage of national and state/provincial highways in the U.S. and Canada, including last-mile restriction coverage in most major truck-relevant municipalities. The database contains more than seven million points of interest. The Pro 7150 Truck also offers connectivity to enable fleet-management functions. They include vehicle tracking, job dispatching, time management, 'eco' driving, IFTA fuel-tax reporting interface via ProMiles, and management reporting via a TomTom WebFleet subscription. TomTom Live Services give the driver access to speed cameras, fuel prices, local search powered by Google, plus TomTom weather and traffic information. The recommended retail price is $349.95. Some services require a subscription to TomTom WebFleet.
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Its all-metal drivetrain and hammer mechanism mates with a variable-speed switch with electronic brake for optimized control.The power comes from the company's new IQV20 Series battery platform featuring a strong lithium-ion battery that's said to deliver high charge capacity and low internal impedance for maximum power delivery.


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With today's single-port-type air guns, it's nearly impossible to clean an air filter properly, the company says. IPA claims that an air filter, if properly cleaned, can be re-used many times.