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By: Thornley Fallis  09-12-2011

Delivering effective messages through the media requires skill and knowledge blended with a solid understanding of how the media operates. Learning what journalists need and expect from a resource is only part of what we provide to our clients in our focused Media Training workshops.

The face of media is changing rapidly but the fundamental principles of dealing with media interviews—and professionals—remain the same. While there is no such thing as “one size fits all” at Thornley Fallis, we do incorporate some necessary basics into the unique Media Training seminars that we build for clients. Success is when theory is put into practice.

Our content-rich Media Training workshops are designed to expose clients to the mechanics of the media before exploring the structure of crafting responses and delivering them with clarity. Beginner, intermediate and seasoned spokespersons benefit from our knowledge, expertise, experience and passion as we teach the media strategies that we use ourselves.

Theory and understanding are put to use in simulated interview scenarios where participants test new skills on camera in order to gain experience and comfort. Constructive reviews help participants isolate their strengths and succeed, with proven tactics that enable our clients to approach media interviews with confidence and skill.

Media training with Thornley Fallis is suitable for beginners new to the challenge of working with journalists, producers, writers and social media professionals or seasoned practitioners looking to refresh and augment their skills. With attention to detail and a focus on the fundamentals of media interviews we prepare our participants for the real world of media relations.

Graduates of the Thornley Fallis method report that they are more confident, secure and capable. Our own review indicates that our approach of a strong foundation supported by knowledge and practice is a route to success.

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