By: Think Tank Creative  09-12-2011

It was a thrill to fly out to Jasper Alberta with the Danier Leather team to shoot this Winter campaign video. We shot on top of glaciers, under waterfalls, next to beautiful rivers. It was a great week and in the end the video was a success! We also learnt that bears and wolves are not our friends.

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We handled all of the motion graphics for these action packed spots that introduced the new Retro Cartoon Hall Of Fame. The kid in us was so excited to be sifting through retro cartoon footage to create these TV spots for Teletoon Retro. We’ve just completed work on our new 2011 demo reel featuring the latest Think Tank work. We had a blast creating the Winter Style Room for Danier Leather.



They needed it to be very easily updatable, without sacrificing design.


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We created the graphics and animations for this HBO Comedy Block promo. We also got to sift through some really funny material in the meantime.


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All of the branding, modeling, design and development was handled by Think Tank. We gave him the next best thing, a Steve Nash city.