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karate lessons in Toronto from The York Academy of Martial Arts, Toronto ON

By: The York Academy of Martial Arts, Toronto ON  06-10-2010
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 Imagine a safe, high-energy activity with limitless learning and enjoyment that can be enjoyed and practiced throughout your lifetime in various forms, from the traditional health promoting to the practical applications for self-defense to the competitive sport, and you are imagining Karate classes for adults at the AMA. Our unique program consists of instruction in Okinawan Karate, Goshin Jitsu (self-defense) and traditional weapons taught in a traditional ‘Dojo’ environment where mutual courtesy and respect are the rule.

Karate training involves cardio vascular exercise for stamina, resistance training for strength, and stretching exercises for flexibility, none of which you need to have before starting in our beginners classes. There are at least as many benefits for the mind as there are for the body as your training helps you to get the stress out, regain your composure and improve your confidence, concentration and patience.

Whether you are 20 something looking for some great martial arts training, a 30 something looking for something more interesting than the gym, or a 40 something looking to be ‘Fit for Fifty’ and beyond, our program can help you get there. Why not take your first step today and use the contact page to

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