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By: The Wilson Group Of Midland Walwyn  09-12-2011

We provide plans, risk assessment and training in:

  • Continuity of Government
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Bioterrorism Assessment

We provide plans, risk assessment and training in:

  • Professional
  • Administrative
  • Receptionist

Administrative Services:

  • Internal mailroom management
  • Internal supply management
  • File management support
  • Telephone and Video Conferencing
  • Copy center support
  • Printing
  • Temporary and Virtual Office Services
  • FAX
  • Word processing and data entry

Information technology

We deliver a wide range of information technology-related services, including security, feasibility studies, as well as training and development.

Strategic planning

We provide services from our broad range of generally accepted models, to conduct complete Strategic Planning modalities that range from foundational corporate startup to ongoing annual facilitation.

Workflow automation

Utilizing our comprehensive work system assessment, we develop, implement, and maintain business methods and practices that can eliminate your "paper blizzard", remove backlogs and provide unlimited access to records and files and increase the productivity of your staff.

Process improvement

We utilize business process mapping and modeling methodologies to enable full process understanding within a highly structured hierarchical format. .

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