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By: The Perfect Connections  09-12-2011

As cocktails go, the Cosmopolitan is ubiquitous! 
It is made in almost every bar on the planet and is the cocktail of choice for many people, including such cultural icons as Robert Evans, former head of Paramount Studios, for whom the Cosmo was like mothers milk.
The Cosmo has become a legend,   and it is pink. The [..]

If you plan on listing your house, here are 10 things worthy of your attention. 
Although some of these suggestions may be obvious – it is sensible to take them into account.  Let’s face it, where real estate sales are down 50% in the GTA versus last year, how you present your property in this buyer’s [..]

As winter approaches and snow begins to fall, Alaska always comes to mind for those of us who have had the experience of visiting this incredible state. 

It gained a reputation for some unknown reason as a seniors’ place to visit. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Its natural beauty is overwhelming for the [..]

Buying a home can be the most exciting, frustrating and costly event you will likely ever experience!
Aside from the obvious purchase price (and let’s hope you have a good agent to negotiate for you!) ,there are many additional costs that you do not want to come as a surprise, but so often do.
Some of these budget [..]

Don DeWolfe has helped many people navigate a few rough waters along the way.
In fact, I think that everyone who goes to Don as an accountant probably thinks of him as their friend!  He is relaxed and laid back and ever so slightly irreverent.  If you are feeling intimidated by your tax return or an [..]

Brookline, MA is from the air, indistinguishable from Boston.  If it weren’t for the discreet street sign near Fenway park, no-one would be able to tell where the city ends and the town begins.

This is a shame because Brookline is often overlooked as a tourist and culinary destination.  Most visitors to Boston will do a [..]

Louisa McCormack went to the University of Toronto with me, and we were both residents of Margaret Addison Hall, on Charles Street.
Louisa always had a look of devout professionalism about her.  Always cheery and friendly, and always seeming as if she was just rushing to meet a deadline.
Along the path of life since those university days, [..]

We at theperfectconnections have no opinion for or against plastic surgery, but we think our readers are probably far more interested in the cosmetic end of this field.
Most of the time our experts are only too happy to reveal themselves, but we had to do some undercover work and promise not to divulge our sources [..]

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Glenys Babcock first became involved with thepeace movement more than 25 years ago in the early 1980s.After her first year as a physics major at Queen’s University, Glenys took time off school to spend three months in Calcutta as a volunteer for Mother Teresa’s charity.It was an extraordinary and powerful.


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Mary Jean Tully, of the Cruise Professionals, is theperfectconnections last stop when it comes to luxury travel.She can verse off the perfect way to take a family cruise one minute, and co ordinate a group of high level captains of industry on a safari the next.


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Growing up in Lodz, Poland in the early 20thcentury didn’t mean your tummy was always full.When she immigrated to Canada, she appreciated the variety and abundance of food that today we take for granted. Most of us were expected a to understand and compete in complicated card and board games that were at some point way beyond our cognitive abilities. Our first house in Toronto was in North Toronto, on a very family oriented street.


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We may have to cut back but there is no reason to stop enhancing our living space.