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By: The Perfect Connections  09-12-2011

Every third week in January for the past 18 years, Ferrari owners and aficionados have gathered on the lawn of the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Fla. for the annual Cavallino Classic, arguably the most prestigious Ferrari event in North America.
The array of cars is overwhelming; from 1950’s racers to the most current super car, [..]

Once you’ve decided to build a wine cellar or buy a wine fridge you’ve crossed a line.  You are no longer just a “wine drinker”,  you are now a “wine collector” and you’ve joined a growing sub-culture.
This also means you may be subscribing to one or more of various wine magazines [..]

Mid way into her second year at McGill as an undergraduate student in political science, Kingi Carpenter decided to do McGill a favour.  She dropped out.  As she puts it, “I had too much respect for McGill to stay on.”

She then enrolled in OCA (now called OCAD) and worked part time at Eatons selling clothes [..]

“You are invited to an exclusive jewellery event, where you will be treated to an unforgettable shopping experience. Come and see the exquisite line of casual diamond jewels that so many of Hollywood’s A-List celebrities are raving about. “
Lara Langill is the Vice President of Sales and Exclusive Events for the Right Hand Gal.
I bumped [..]

Sasha Josipovicz of Studio Pyramid and Hippo Properties, is one of the most energetic creative people I know.
Having been in the design business for over 20 years, Sasha was always known as “unemployable” by any of the traditional design firms. Is he mischievous, a little I suppose, but really, he is one of those people [..]

Mary Jean Tully, of the Cruise Professionals, is theperfectconnections last stop when it comes to luxury travel.
She can verse off the perfect way to take a family cruise one minute, and co ordinate a group of high level captains of industry on a safari the next. Minute detail and a vast knowledge of all the [..]

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Glenys Babcock first became involved with thepeace movement more than 25 years ago in the early 1980s.After her first year as a physics major at Queen’s University, Glenys took time off school to spend three months in Calcutta as a volunteer for Mother Teresa’s charity.It was an extraordinary and powerful.


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Growing up in Lodz, Poland in the early 20thcentury didn’t mean your tummy was always full.When she immigrated to Canada, she appreciated the variety and abundance of food that today we take for granted. Most of us were expected a to understand and compete in complicated card and board games that were at some point way beyond our cognitive abilities. Our first house in Toronto was in North Toronto, on a very family oriented street.


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We may have to cut back but there is no reason to stop enhancing our living space.


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It is made in almost every bar on the planet and is the cocktail of choice for many people, including such cultural icons as Robert Evans, former head of Paramount Studios, for whom the Cosmo was like mothers milk.The Cosmo has become a legend, and it is pink. Although some of these suggestions may be obvious – it is sensible to take them into account. This is a shame because Brookline is often overlooked as a tourist and culinary destination.