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By: The Perfect Connections  09-12-2011

Dear Mary;
How do I re decorate my living room to look like it has been “done” by an interior designer, when I am on a budget?
Hi there;
Everyone is on a budget these days, so your question is timely.  We may have to cut back but there is no reason to stop enhancing our living space [..]

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Growing up in Lodz, Poland in the early 20thcentury didn’t mean your tummy was always full.When she immigrated to Canada, she appreciated the variety and abundance of food that today we take for granted. Most of us were expected a to understand and compete in complicated card and board games that were at some point way beyond our cognitive abilities. Our first house in Toronto was in North Toronto, on a very family oriented street.


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It is made in almost every bar on the planet and is the cocktail of choice for many people, including such cultural icons as Robert Evans, former head of Paramount Studios, for whom the Cosmo was like mothers milk.The Cosmo has become a legend, and it is pink. Although some of these suggestions may be obvious – it is sensible to take them into account. This is a shame because Brookline is often overlooked as a tourist and culinary destination.