Math Circus Act 3 - Mathematics & Problem Solving

By: The Knowledge Tree  09-12-2011

Maths Circus Act 3, like its predecessor, incorporates all the fun of the circus while integrating a mathematical approach to problem solving. This program is designed for children from the pre-school to the secondary level.

Puzzles and brain-teasers provide for a more interesting approach to the world of math. Five levels of Basic for younger children and five levels of advanced for students of all ages. With both Basic and Advanced options, the Teacher may choose puzzles of various degrees of difficulty according to each child’s skill level.

This serves as a great introduction for students who are being introduced new aspects of math. This format can also be used to target specifically a problem area or a subject that may need improvement. Maths Circus Act III caters to many different aspects of mathematics including; geometry, spatial awareness, +/- numbers, and programming.

Teachers may keep track of the progress and level of difficulty for each student. There are also black-line masters that can be utilized in class.

Range of Skills:

Math Circus Act 3 offers practice and enhancement for a wide range of math skills:

  • Spatial Awareness
  • Three-dimensional Geometry
  • Addition & Multiplication
  • Provides the foundation for Algebra
  • Investigate direction and angle
  • COmpass bearingss, time and vectors
  • Positive and negative numbers
  • Planning a sequence of moves in advance and executing them later
  • Over 120 levels of games, puzzles and problems for children of various math levels.
  • Teacher options that allow close monitoring of improvement
  • Black-line masters with hints and solutions for all puzzles
  • Wide variety of skill level that cater to individual needs

Who should use Math Circus Act 3?:
The puzzles provide an enjoyable way for teachers to approach that very tricky area of problem-solving – how to tackle a new problem for which is no obvious technique. Students have to use their initiative,and learn by experimentation and experience. However, the problems are easy enough to ensure success and, as a consequence boost the confidence of students. Privided the right level of difficulty is chosen success can be reasonably expected and achieved.

From Preschool to Secondary

Teacher controls and Special Needs:
Teachers can control which puzzles and levels are available to the students, and can inspect and print progress reports. The software can also be driven by a touch screen, whiteboard or a single or double switch instead of a am mouse.
The package also includes a aset of worksheets and a manual containing the solutions for each puzzle.

Computing Requirements:

  • Windows 95, 2000, XP and VISTA, Windows 7
  • Mac: OS 8.5, OS 9.x, OS 10.x

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