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By: The Horsemen's Benevolent And Protective Association Of Ontario  09-12-2011

The Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is a confidential information, counselling and referral service for holders of an Ontario Racing Commission License.

The program is designed to provide you with direct access to experienced professionals who will help you resolve your problems before they affect your health, family life or job performance.

Who provides the service?

The services are provided by Family Services Employee Assistance Program. Family Services provides counseling at 4,000 offices across Canada and the United States. Counsellors are experienced psychologists and social workers.

What kinds of issues does the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) deal with?

Confidential assistance is available for a broad range of personal and work-related concerns which may affect you or your family such as:

A counselor may be able to offer immediate help over the telephone, or Family Services will arrange an appointment for you. If long-term or specialized counseling is required, the counselor will assist you with a referral to another resource within your community. This referral may involve a fee.

You can access information about childcare and eldercare services across Canada. This same number will connect you to the legal advisory service which provides telephone consultation from lawyers located across Canada on issues which include family, estate, real estate, and criminal law.


Discussions with all Family Services counselors are kept strictly confidential. Counselors will not release any information to anyone without prior written consent, except where legally required.

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HBPA – Horsemen Helping Horsemen - benevolence

The Committee convenes every month to review the merits of each application and then presents its recommendations to the Board of Directors at the monthly board meetings for discussion and final approval. Applications must be submitted by the 2nd Wednesday of each month in order for it to be reviewed by the Benevolence Committee in that review period.


Educational Assistance | HBPA – Horsemen Helping Horsemen

Applications for those students seeking Educational Assistance beyond the maximum four year term must be approved by the HBPA Board of Director. Members and/or backstretch employees must have a minimum of five concurrent years of service and be licensed by the Ontario Racing Commission. Applicants and licensed Members must reside full time in the province of Ontario and the Member must be Canadian citizen.


Assistant Trainer And Trainer Testing

This is a service that the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario provides in order to promote career development opportunities for individuals working in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. A backstretch worker may register for their Assistant Trainer or Trainer test once they have at least five years experience working on the backstretch.


HBPA – Horsemen Helping Horsemen - awards

Owners’ Awards are given to the Owners of Ontario-bred thoroughbred horses at Fort Erie and Woodbine Race Track for winners of claiming races, allowance races, and maiden races. Members who own Ontario-bred thoroughbred horses need to ensure that the Association has their most up to date mailing address on file at all times. All races except for stake races qualify for the lucrative bonus.


HBPA – Horsemen Helping Horsemen - services

In an effort to better serve our members, we have developed the following information pages to provide more details on our services and what members need to do to benefit from them. The Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association often receives many questions about the benefits and services we provide.