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By: The Biographix  09-12-2011
Keywords: Process Control, computer based training, Maintenance Training

Biographix ISLE (Interactive Simulated Learning Environments) is a design methodology and software toolkit that links real-time simulation to instructional content. The result is a training experience that far exceeds traditional computer based training -- students "learn by doing" in a virtual environment.

ISLE is a cost-effective replacement for real systems, that is always available, safe, highly scalable and easy to upgrade.

Application Areas

  • Maintenance Training
  • Operational Training
  • Process Control Training

Benefits of ISLE

Technical expertise involves multiple kinds of abilities, ranging from swift and accurate performance of routine procedures to deliberate reasoning about the internal functions and malfunctions of complex, inter-related systems. Training such technical functions often requires specialized instructors in a centralized location.

In addition, expensive and sometimes hazardous operational equipment is typically required to provide effective practice opportunities for limited periods of time. These specialized training challenges are prime candidates for the ISLE approach.

ISLE provides the instructional environment in which the learner participates and performs cognitive tasks in a realistic manner.

The benefits of ISLE include:

  • Users acquire higher levels of cognitive knowledge.
  • Multiple training modes (demonstration, practice, free exploration)
  • Ability to cost effectively train users on complex, expensive, dangerous and scarce systems--anytime, anyplace.
  • Scalable distribution of new training scenarios based on an open simulation architecture.
  • Eliminate need to take expensive, potentially hazardous equipment off-line.
  • Ability to demonstrate operation of a complex system in real-time with multiple malfunctions.
  • User assessment is based on actual user troubleshooting actions.

ISLE Architecture

Three components form the intelligence of every ISLE e-Learning solution:

  • The Simulation Subsystem uses a fast computational engine to create synthetic environments and systems that respond realistically to user input.
  • The Knowledge Subsystem integrates an Instructional Agent with a Knowledge Base to form a comprehensive learning experience. Drawing upon the information stored in the Knowledge Base, the agent delivers learning material, provides guidance to the learner, and can even provide individualized performance assessment in a post-lesson review. To enhance the reality of the learner's experience, the agent will intercede if an attempt is made to perform an action that would be dangerous or would damage equipment in a real context.
  • The Application Framework brings these two subsystems together under an intuitive graphical user interface. The learner interacts with the simulated environment using visually realistic representations of system components, tools, and test equipment.

Learning Management System (LMS)

ISLE-based e-Learning applications can be delivered as stand-alone training packages, or can be integrated into an existing LMS along with other training materials in an organization. A Biographix LMS solution is also available to provide a highly efficient, customized e-Learning platform.

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Keywords: computer based training, Maintenance Training, Process Control, Process Control Training

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Biographix...Empowering People Through E-Learning

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