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By: Technology Licensing  09-12-2011
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Technology Licensing Inc. is Canada's leading intellectual property commercialization services company. Our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class services to its clients in protecting their investments in intellectual property and technology.  We help our clients create, protect and exploit intellectual property.  We develop the most appropriate business strategy around these assets to maximize return to the client.  Part of our services include generating new, high margin revenue from existing technology and intellectual property investments. Members of our team are recognized as being among the best in their practice areas. Our services include:

Intellectual Property Services: Prior art search, patent portfolio development and grooming, developing strategies for most effective intellectual capital management, instituting best in class systems and processes to track and manage portfolio of intellectual property and technology (including know-how) to maximize effectiveness and minimize expenses, portfolio analysis and tracking against competition are some of the services we provide in this segment.

Technology And Intellectual Property Licensing: With expertise already proven with large enterprises such as Hatch Ltd., Nortel Networks, and Bell Canada, educational institutions such as University of Toronto, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Sciences and Ryerson University as well as a large number of small to medium size companies, we work with you to carry out an analysis of existing technologies and intellectual property in your R&D treasure chest that can be licensed to others to generate up-front license fees and royalties using a world-class process implemented in leading companies. We then secure your approval to make these technologies available to others in a fashion that complements your business strategy.

Organizational Development: Companies today need to increase their understanding of intellectual property and develop teams and systems to exploit the existing intellectual property and technology to its fullest.  It is being recognized more and more that intellectual property is a source of revenue and market differentiator.  We understand these needs and are ready to help you in your organizational development initiatives.  The services we provide include training programs to increase awareness, setting up of teams and infrastructure so that intellectual property is created, documented, protected and tracked properly, and creating a specialized team to seek new ways of generating revenue from existing technology and intellectual property.

Incubation And Spin-out Support: We are experts in creating economic value through incubation and spin-out services.  We are skilled in evaluating market potential of dedicated teams and technologies for potential commercial value, grooming the business skills and technology capabilities of the existing team, developing business plans, investor packages and pitches for use in raising of capital, and helping interface with targeted Angel Investors and Venture Capital companies to secure funds.   

Technology Acquisition: Sourcing your technology requirements is a specialty of our team. We have proven ourselves in Nortel Networks. There, as a team, we worked together to license the technologies and products that Nortel Networks required for use in its products. We can do the same for you.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence and Audit: We are experts in all aspects of intellectual property business. We review your intellectual property process, identify areas that need improvements, develop a process to secure appropriate protection for existing intellectual property, devise means to target additional intellectual property creation and protection, all in support of your business objectives.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SR&ED) Services: The Canadian Federal Government recognizes that technological innovation drives the economy, and therefore has established an incentive program to encourage Canadian Technical Research. The Federal program is supplemented with Ontario Tax Credit Program. The process for obtaining these credits is complex and is best handled by those who are well-versed in these activities to maximize the return to your company. Our team members include individuals who are accredited by Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency and are at your service at no cost to you. We recover our fees from the actual returns received by your company.

Other Services: Our services focus on the above activities. However, our expertise is varied and go beyond these core services. Please contact us for a further discussion and the complementary services we offer on an on-demand basis.

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