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Early Learning & Care P rograms
in TCDSB Schools

F =Full Day Child Care
Before & After School
FR=Family Resource Program
P= Parenting & Family Literacy Program
After School Recreation Program
OEYC = Ontario Early Years Centre

Services by School

All Saints (Etobicoke)  905-890-1711  B&A            

Blessed John XXIII (North York) 416-429-6662  F,B&A       416-393-5348  P

(York) 416-769-1174  F

  (North York)        416-496-2965   F, B&A

Blessed ( Scarborough)  416-724-1462  F

(North York)   416-226-3336   F, B&A

(East York) 416-421-2273 F,B&A

( Scarborough)   416-287-0578 F, B&A

D’Arcy McGee (York)    416-397-6300  F, B&A        

Epiphany of Our Lord Academy (Scarborough)   416-493-3008  F,B&A         

Father Serra (Etobicoke)       905-890-1711  B & A 

Holy Angels (Etobicoke)       905-790-1171   B&A

416-394-4766  F            

Holy Family (Toronto)      416-532-4828 x129  B&A

( Toronto)     416-469-0560  F, B &A

Holy Spirit ( Scarborough)     416-913-0911  F, B&A, 416-393-5282 P         

Immaculate Conception (North York) 416-247-0537  F, B&A

James Culnan (York)    905-890-1711  B&A

  (Etobicoke) 416-626-7196    F     416-258-0705   B&A

( Scarborough)    416-297-9660  F

Nativity of Our Lord    905 890-1711 x189   B&A

Our Lady of Grace (Scarborough) 416-293 7326 F

Our Lady of Guadalupe (North York) 416-494-4105 F, B&A     

Our Lady of Peace    (Etobicoke) 416-456-5800  B&A

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Toronto) 416-963-9242 B&A, F

Our Lady of Sorrows   (Etobicoke) 416-305-6633     B&A

Our Lady of the Assumption   (North York)  416-393-5265 P

Our Lady of Victory (Toronto)  416-802-4542   B&A         

Our Lady of Wisdom  (Scarborough) 416-446-7398 B&A

Pope Paul VI (Toronto)    416-393-5374  P

Prince of Peace (Scarborough) 416-291-6163  B&A  

Regina Mundi (North York)  416-338-2512     ARC

St. Agnes (North York)         416-250-8302   B&A           

St. Aidan (Scarborough)        416-493-0500    F, P             

St. Andrew (Etobicoke)      416-742-8253   F, B& A       

St. Angela (Etobicoke)          416-741-7865   F, P

St. Anselm (East York)     416-487-5862   B&A           

St. Augustine (North York)   647-438-6373   B&A      

St. Barbara (Scarborough)     416-393-5351  P    416-338-2512   ARC            

St. Barnabas (Scarborough)   416-393-5351   P      416-338-2512  ARC

St. Bartholomew (Scarborough) 416 293-7131 NS

(Scarborough)   416-724-7132  F, B&A  

St. Benedict (Etobicoke)   416-744-0778   B&A  

St. Bonaventure (North York) 416-821-7183   B&A             

St. Boniface (Scarborough)   416-261-9092    F           416-338-2512     ARC            

St. Brendan (Scarborough)   416-281-0262 x216  B&A    

St. Brigid (Toronto)         416-425-7763   B&A

St. Bruno (Toronto) 416 653-6233 NS & A

St.Cecilia (Toronto)       905-890-1711  B&A     

St. Charles Garnier (North York) 416-393-5363  P

(York)   416-656-8902  F , B&A       

St. Clement (Etobicoke)     905-890-1711   B& A    

St. Columba (Scarborough)   416-393-5380  P

(North York)     416-222-0151  F, B&A        

St. Denis (Toronto)        416-434-9146    B&A           

St. Dominic Savio (Scarborough) 416-281-0262 x216  R (after school)

St. Dorothy (Etobicoke)    416-745-3222   F, B&A       416-393-5341   P                  

St. Elizabeth Seton (Scarborough)   416-338-2512 ARC            

St. Eugene (Etobicoke)   905-890-1711  B&A           

St. Fidelis (North York)        416-245-2446    F, B&A      

St. Francis of Assisi   A (Toronto) 416-925-2243 x22

St. Francis Xavier (North York)   416-885-9036 B& A      

(North York)   416-221-5000  F, B&A        

St. Gabriel Lalemant (Scarborough)    416-754-2555    F

St. Gerard Majella (North York) 416-245-6756  F         416-397-6037 FR                 

St. Gregory (Etobicoke)     416-236-8794  B&A             

St. Helen (Toronto)         416-534-5772   F, B&A, 416-393-5208  P

St. Henry (Scarborough)   647-438-9411 F, B&A     

St. Isaac Jogues (North York) 416-449-0101  F         

St. Jerome (North York)       647-438-6375  F  

St. Joachim (Scarborough)    416-261-1922   F

(Toronto)    416-693-6596   F, B& A        

St. John the Evangelist  (York) 905-890-1711  B&A

St. Joseph (Toronto)    MS-416-284-6523    F,B&A       Y-647-439-9905    F,B& A   

St. Leo (Etobicoke)    416-393-5333 P

St. Leonard OEYC    416-494-1579   FR    416-499-3377 x213   FR       

St. Luke (Toronto)          416-532-4828 x129  B&A   

St. Marguerite Bourgeoys (Scarborough)     416-393-5381  P

St. Mark (Etobicoke)         416-259-9335    F                

St. Martin de Porres  (Scarborough)    416-338-2512  ARC      416-282-9998  F                  

St. Mary (Toronto)         416-925-2243 x35   B&A    

St. Matthias (North York)     905-946-1113    B&A     

St. Maurice (Etobicoke)     416-745-0062   FR        

St. Monica (Toronto)     416-544-0059    F           416-440-0383    B&A          

St. Paschal Baylon (North York)     647-430-7074   F       

St. Patrick S.S. (Toronto)      416-469-9766    F                

St. Paul (Toronto)          416-364-6385    F          OEYC-416-686-3390  FR   

St. Philip Neri (North York)  416-245-8260      F              

St. Pius X (Toronto)       905-890-7511  B& A    

St. Rene Goupil (Scarborough)     647-436-6670   F, B& A       

St. Robert (North York)        647-438-6373    B&A          

St. Roch (North York)           416-744-7785    F, B&A     

St. Rose of Lima  (Scarborough) 647-439-0016 F, B&A  416-393-5269  P

St. Sylvester (Scarborough)    416-291-0023  F, B&A       

St. Thomas More (Scarborough)  R       416-281-0262 x261              

Transfiguration (Etobicoke)     905-890-7511  B&A

(Toronto)     416-532-0428  F, B&A         416-516-2397 NurserySchoo l   

St. Wilfrid (North York)       416-338-2512    ARC        416-393-5313  P

The Divine Infant   F, B&A (Scarborough) 416-299-1405

Family Resource Centres
Family Resource Centres are available for children 0-5 years of age, who are accompanied by their parent/caregiver. These centres provide services which include: drop-in programs, resource libraries, play groups, training opportunities and educational workshops. Drop-ins are located in schools, community centres and churches. They provide parents/caregivers with opportunities to overcome social isolation and develop supportive networks. They operate from one to five mornings per week. Parents are to remain on site with the children.

Full Day Child Care
Day care centres are facilities where children from different families are cared for together for a continuous period of time not exceeding 24 hours. A majority of day care centres operate from early morning to early evening to accommodate the needs of working parents. A full day care programme includes a nutritious lunch, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Day care centres provide service for children 0-12 years of age.
School Age Day Care
This type of day care accommodates children 6-12 years of age. Care is provided before and after school during school holidays, professional development days, March Break and summer months. A nutritious lunch may or may not be provided, but there will be an early morning and late afternoon snack.

Nutrition Programs
TCDSB's nutrition programs provide breakfast and/or nutritious snacks throughout the school day.

Ontario Early Years Centres
Ontario Early Years Centres are places where parents and caregivers can:

  • take part with their children in a range of programs and activities
  • get answers to questions
  • get information about programs and services that are available for young children
  • talk to early years professionals, as well as other parents and caregivers in the community

Parenting and Family Literacy Centres
Parenting and Family Literacy Centres are school based programs  where parents/caregivers and children, birth to six years of age, participate in play-based activities that focus on the development of early  literacy and numeracy skills. Key program goals include:

  • Fostering positive parent-child interactions and optimal child development

  • Offering a family literacy program that develops early literacy and numeracy skills

  • Increasing parent’s knowledge, involvement and comfort with schools

  • Helping with transition to school

  • Early identification of children with special needs

For more information about child care programs and nutrition programs, call 416-222-8282, ext. 2475 or 2687.

For information about Parenting and Family Literacy Centres, call 416-222-8282 ext. 2571.

Children Services

Ontario Early Years:


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In addition to offering quality education from junior kindergarten through grade 12/OAC, the Toronto Catholic District School Board provides a number of services to parents, young children and the community at large. School bus transportation is available to elementary students who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the board's transportation policy.