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By: Tassi  09-12-2011

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Not satisfied with your Tassi? Is that possible? Send it back to us, and we’ll refund your money. Well, there are a few rules.

  1. You have to send it to us within 30 days after you bought it. You can’t just keep using it and then send it back. Come on, we’re not that dumb.
  2. If you didn’t buy the Tassi on our website, try taking it back to where you bought it. If they aren’t as nice as we are, you can send it to us along with a copy of your receipt and your mailing address. We’ll refund the price you paid for your Tassi (well, it’s not really a refund since you didn’t buy if from us – wow, we can’t believe we’re doing this), but we’re not going to pay the sales tax or for shipping.
  3. Call us at 1-800-684-4910, and we’ll tell you where to send it.

Or you could just give your Tassi to someone else. We bet they’ll like it because only one in a million people don’t like the Tassi. Ok, we haven’t done any research or a poll or anything, but we think that’s pretty close. It’s probably more like one in two million.

Tassi Defects

If your Tassi has a manufacturer’s defect (sorry, that’s not supposed to happen), we will gladly replace it. Just call us at 1-800-684-4910 so we can tell you where to send the bad Tassi and arrange to send you a good Tassi. Of course, while we’re making the trade, you might not have a Tassi for a little while, unless you have more than one Tassi, which means you’re a very intelligent person.

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I have stubborn, poker-straight chin length hair with bangs and this is the ONLY hair wrap/band solution that doesn't dent my hair after I've washed my face and take it off. Believe it or not the wrap even saves me a day from washing my hair because now my hair isn't dented for bands and pony tails. I love when someone takes a basic daily need and comes up with a fantastic affordable solution.


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If you live in the United Kingdom you can buy Tassi and not worry about international shipping. Bliss Pharmacy, 107-109 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4SS. Bliss Pharmacy, 5-6 Marble Arch, London W1H 7EL.


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It is perfect for putting on makeup, washing the face and applying masks and gels..but I also thought it was great for reducing migraine and headache pain. I placed a small plastic bag full of ice cubes and situated them underneath the hair wrap, so that the ice would not move around. I purchased four of these hair wraps..and gave them to different family members.


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I have even slept in them a couple times, they are ridiculously comfortable!!!I use it in the morning when I wash my face and apply my serums and moisturizer and in the evening (under my shower cap!) when I’m showering and washing my face and applying my serums and moisturizer.