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By: Susan Rumack  09-12-2011
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It's pretty obvious to most people why FREE offers are available. Yes, I want you to join my teleseminars, my programs and my personal coaching sessions BUT there is a lot more here than a single FREE session.

I want to give you the gift of experiencing how change can be different for YOU. Words on a page that you see only once won't energize you for long enough to try on new ways of thinking about change. When you listen to new ideas, listen to how others are handling similar situations you begin to experience first hand how the excitement of a new way of doing things can move your heart, mind and body into a new frame of reference. Becoming part of a group that shares a learning experience WILL give you hope. Hope is the fuel of positive attraction and positive change.

FREE TeleSeminars (Value: $125 each)

Twice every week, a 60 minute FREE TeleSeminar is available . This is a risk free opportunity for you to experience the topics, the energy and the tip of the iceberg that Portal to Positivity offers in longer programs. You will experience:

FREE Weekly E-zine

7 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Change-Ability - The E-zine (Value: priceless)

Your weekly adrenalin shot of easy thoughts on how you can make change your new best friend delivered right to your e-mail inbox. You will look forward to this light and inspiring little article as your own personal change tool and my gift to you, as you continue your own changing journey. Please be sure to check out The Seven Steps Blog to make your comments on every article. Please share with all your friends.

(Look for the book December 2010)

FREE Change-Ability Quiz (Value: $350)

This offer has two parts: #1 quiz and assessment AND #2 Additional 30 minutes free coaching

The quiz:

  • How easily do you accept any kind of change?
  • How does your first impulse about a change influence the whole experience that follows?
  • How much do you want every change to be for your highest and greatest good and benefit?
  • Take this free assessment and find out during your follow-up assessment with The Portal Coach,
    Sue Rumack.
  • It's quick, it's easy and there are no wrong answers.

FREE 30 minute Consultation (included with Change-Ability Quiz)

Included with your assessment session from the Change-Ability Quiz. Get coached for 30 minutes on what might be keeping you stuck.

You will get 60 minutes of assessment and coaching focussed on YOU.

Ride the Wave Club ($15 per week)
Join a weekly facilitated discussion group focussing on the challenges that come along with change. Similar to a book club you will have the opportunity to experience how others see the same topic from their own special viewpoint. Join a group and expand your vision of possibilities.

Each session is led by The Portal Coach, Sue Rumack, who offers thought provoking concepts as discussion flows.[For a current schedule, visit


(from $99 per month)

The Step Up Club Change Mastery Coaching
Group coaching clubs offer an easy, affordable, enriched opportunity for you to benefit from being coached by a professionally trained, experienced personal life skills coach while in a supportive community atmosphere. This is an invaluable guilt free opportunity to learn from the experience of others.

Step Up Club is a 4 module program. It is recommended that each module be taken in sequence for best results. This an affordable opportunity for you to custom build your personal change mastery toolbox, hone your skills, build strong foundation and new positive experience one stage at a time.

(4 sessions) mandatory ($50 Rebate on Step Up to Anchors)
per month (3 months) Foundation building
per month (3 months) Create life balance
per molnth (3 months) Lock in Self Empowerment
You CAN get excited by change, thrive on change and successfully navigate through change!Find out more details on including outlines, benefits, and specific agendas.

One-on-One Coaching (hourly rate)
Stepping Stones is personal coaching for mastering change. For those who prefer individual attention and privacy one-on-one coaching is ideal. This 30 or 60 minute session is devoted entirely to you. You choose the time, the length of session, the number of sessions and the end date for when coaching will finish. This is your gift to yourself. The focus is entirely on your needs, your dreams, your goals, your passions..YOU!

Feel your heart opening to yourself and your challenges with the tender loving care you will be giving yourself. Stepping Stones...for more information please use go to or book your free 60 minute Discovery Session now.
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Keywords: Coaching