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By: Susan Glenn Homes  09-12-2011

Susan Glenn Homes » For Buyers

Looking for your perfect first home requires a lot of decisions among which, location is a major factor. Consider these points when deciding where to buy…

1) Potential Value: Besides the fact that neighbourhoods will vary in average sale prices at the time that you’re buying, you should also consider the upside value of the home you’re purchasing in the coming years. Is there new infrastructure being built? Are new businesses coming in? Sometimes, it might take up to a decade before a neighbourhood improves but you can also save a lot of money and get a better return on your investment if for the future.

2) Proximity: Proximity to transportation, amenities, schools and your work will help with your peace of mind over the years and help with the resale value of the house. It can also help to save you money in the long run.

3) Demographics: What is the community like that you’ll be moving into? Are you looking for a younger or older community? Does the neighbourhood consist largely of families with children, singles and couples or retirees and seniors? Being part of a community can effect your overall experience in your home for the coming years.

These few points may make the difference between a happy home and a headache. For something you’re investing a lot of money into, location is an important consideration. I hope these ideas help you find the perfect home.

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We have design packages that include turning your mattress and spraying natural treatments, give your sink and your bathtub an herbal bath and many more exotic and holistic treatments for your surroundings. A house does not become a home through dramatic design but through a profound empathy between people and place. The relationship between a house and its ecosystem mirrors the relationship between home and the planet.


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If you don’t feel immediately comfortable with the person, it’s likely not a good idea to move forward with anything else and you should find another agent.2) Best interest: many agents may be well informed of the market conditions of the area your looking to purchase in, but don’t consider who you are or what you want.


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Great floor plan w/ large principal rooms, hardwood floors, ceramics and custom built wall units. Stunning ravine property in prestigious Discovery Bay area backs onto Duffins Creek. The perfect combination of central Ajax convenience W/A tranquil cottage atmosphere. Beautiful landscaped garden with extensive decking & a pool. Recently finished bright, open-concept basement apt. Large Master Bedroom w/ sitting area.


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These measures play into the hands of increasingly rapacious credit card companies, which charge exorbitant interest rates to people who are most in need of help and decrease Canadians’ ability to use their homes as a secure avenue for low interest-bearing credit. It brings to mind the phrase “rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic”, an idiom which would perhaps be more apropos if rearranging the deck chairs caused the Titanic to sink faster.


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More sales and fewer listings resulted in tighter market conditions which pushed the average selling price back up to last year’s level,” according to Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis. Many home buyers who were undecided about purchasing a home during the winter months are now proceeding with confidence as a result of the GTA housing market’s affordability..


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The Finance Minister looked to our southerly neighbours as well as across the pond and noticed some pretty dire scenarios which begged the question: Are we guaranteeing mortgages that are a little too risky. The vast majority of people who take 40 year amortizations actually qualify for 25 year amortizations but choose the former and accelerate their payments, which reduce their amortization to 32 years.