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By: SumTotal Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Performance Management, Employment Opportunity, HR management

SumTotal Talent Portal provides the core platform services with centerpiece capabilities – Talent Profiles, Employee Records, Competencies, Job Profiles, and Reports – that are inherently linked to all talent products within the SumTotal platform.

  • Talent Profiles: Includes core employee records in addition to task summaries, performance history, career preferences, awards, certifications, professional experience, payroll history, absence history, equipment and security details, and many other employee specific details in a single, secure location within an easy to use navigation structure.
  • Employee Records: Centralizes key personal information about employees, including name, address, contact information, military service, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information, and other employee details. When used in conjunction with SumTotal HR Management (an enterprise-class HRMS), historical information about employees is captured and preserved for auditing, compliance, and reporting purposes.
  • Competencies: Consists of a library of pre-defined competencies that are leveraged across the entire SumTotal platform, along with a configurable management framework and set of tools designed for managing competencies, including competency categories, supporting definitions, behaviors, on-the-job activities, and development opportunities. SumTotal also enables its customers to easily import their existing competencies into the platform.
  • Job Profiles: Provides a standard mechanism for defining positions by articulating required skills, competencies, certifications, experience, and other user-defined criteria. Managers and administrators only have to define a Job Profile once. The same profile is then leveraged by several products within the SumTotal platform, including Recruiting & Hiring and Succession Planning.
  • Reports: Consists of hundreds of pre-defined, out-of-box reports that provide metrics and analysis of the data contained within the SumTotal talent platform. Every product – for instance, Performance Management or Succession Planning – provides a standard set of reports that are easily accessible to end users. Reporting is built around SumTotal’s robust security model to ensure that access is provided only to individuals with the proper credentials.

Keywords: Employment Opportunity, Equal Employment Opportunity, HR management, Management Framework, Performance Management, Platform Services,

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