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By: Strathcona Paper  09-12-2011
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Absolutely! Food – Packaging Boxboards
Introducing the first boxboard product for the Food Industry
Absolutely! Food provides cost savings, offering converters a competitive advantage while still delivering superior product performance. Absolutely! Food gives you the same smoothness, brightness, cleanliness and superior strength benefits associated with Strathcona boxboard. This food packaging product is available in a full range of calipers, from 450 to 800, Absolutely! Food is the only boxboard in Canada to have passed all Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and FDA requirements for direct food contact.

Absolutely! Food is the first product of its type developed specifically for the Food Industry. Absolutely! Food has passed all Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and FDA requirements for direct food contact. Strathcona Paper is the only recycled boxboard manufacturer to have received direct food contact accreditation by a Canadian authority. Absolutely! Food is manufactured from 100% post-use recycled waste paper fibres. Approximately 65% of this post-use waste paper is defined as post-consumer material and 35% is defined as industrial scrap. Absolutely! Food features a double clay coated surface and a light back liner, a colour preferred by food manufacturers and the consumers of their products. It is an ideal substrate for a wide range of food packaging applications where the appearance of the back liner is of importance. The most common include frozen and dried food packaging, bakery cartons and away-from-home food packaging.Absolutely! Food is a denser, stiffer, brighter and higher plybond grade of food packaging boxboard. These positive boxboard properties, verified by the Recycled Paperboard Technical Association (RPTA), are what differentiate Absolutely! Food in the market.Absolutely! Food is in compliance for direct food contact under the regulatory frameworks of the US Federal Food and Drug Administration Act (FDA), the California EPA Proposition 65 and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Absolutely! Food also complies with the provisions of the model state law CONEG, for heavy metal content. Metal detection capabilities to a particle size of 1.0mm are available on sheeted stock.Product Structure
Absolutely! Food is a multi-ply sheet with a double clay coating applied over a top liner of recycled pulp substitute fibres (e.g., computer print out paper, sorted office waste paper) with a recycled filler fibre base. The filler fibre is comprised of double lined kraft, old corrugated cartons, boxboard and newsprint. In addition, Absolutely! Food can be produced with an application of special biodegradable sizing agent to provide moisture resistance to the boxboard.
Caliper: (microns) 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800
  (point) approximate 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
Average Basis Weight: (g/m2) 385 415 445 475 510 545 580 620
  (lb/1000 ft2) 79 85 91 97 104 112 119 127
Average Stiffness: (Taber units) MD 280 370 460 560 690 870 1015 1190
  (Taber units) CD 95 115 140 170 210 270 315 390
Minimum Stiffness: (Taber units) MD 225 295 415 480 550 725 840 1040
  (Taber units) CD 85 90 115 140 155 215 255 350
  Standard Minimum Maximum
Caliper (microns) -25 +25
Parker print surface smoothness (um) 2.2 n/a 3.2
I.G.T. (blister) 20 10 n/a
Clay surface brightness (% ISO) 80 78 n/a
ZDT plybond (psi) 65 45 n/a
Boxboard moisture (%) 6.6 6.0 8.0
Ink receptivity (%) 30 25 40
Moisture resistance – Grade II (grams) 50 n/a 60

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