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By: Strategic Returnz  09-12-2011
Keywords: Advertising

Campaign Research

Starting with a strategic plan, we'll develop an initial media test and track everything to determine your specific metrics before launching a broader strategy. Determining appropriate market, keywords and creatives, we'll begin your advertising on the most strategic channels.

Initial testing will reveal campaign results, analytics and allocations to confirm or refute pre-test assumptions.

Campaign Rollout

Refining and managing your testing mid-campaign will allow us to find the profitable campaigns and let us pull the non-performing ones. Adding. Subtracting. We'll continue to seek the perfect mix of creatives and advertising channels to ensure your dollars are spent wisely.

Campaign rollout involves several phases. Research, testing, campaign optimization and scale up.

Campaign Optimization

This is a thorough study of the testing data to determine what's working and what's not. Here we will analyze exact metrics to determine the next course of action. Your strategic rollout will be updated on a constant basis in order to refine your Effective CPM.

Continuous and fanatical split-testing of media placements and ad creatives make sure your campaigns focus on profit maximization.

Keywords: Advertising