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Keywords: Orthotics, Compression Stockings

Products · Orthotics ( )
· Compression Stockings
· Biofreeze
· Foot Fresh
· Allpresan Foot Cream
· Allpresan Anti-Fungal Spray
· Orthopedic
· Custom Fit & Custom Made Shoes,
· Orthopedic Assistive Products & Service
· Bazuka Gel
· Dead Sea Salts with Essential Oils Listed below (in the order shown above) is a more detailed discription of each product. Orthotics
Custom orthotic foot braces are corrective devices made to assist a foot that fails biomechanically, to function normally. The orthotics are made to control abnormal foot function, re-establish proper weight distribution and improve overall biomechanics. We use a State-of-the-Art Manufacturing System. Following an evaluation, a neutral position foot mold is taken and sent to our Professional Podiatry Lab where a positive cast is produced. Specially selected thermoplastics are vacuum heat molded to the patient's positive plaster cast. Modifications will be incorporated to meet the patient's needs. Everyone can benefit from custiom made orthotics.  Even if you don't suffer from any obvious foot pain you may have some biomechanical imbalances that could lead to problems later if left untreated.  Many clinical conditions may be present without any obvious foot problems. Subtle imbalances in the foot are amplified as they go up the leg, knee, hip and back resulting in problems that may not have been properly assessed due to lack of a full biomechanical evaluation. Our orthotics are truly custom. We first perform a clinical biomechanical evaluation to determine the amount of correction necessary. Then a neutral position plaster foot mould of your foot is taken to yield a positive plaster cast. Your orthotic is derived from this platform with the corrections necessary to address your specific situation. Any orthotic dispensed without a complete biomechanical evaluation and neutral, non-weight bearing plaster cast, is not custom.The proper use of these corrective devices should significantly reduce a patient's symptoms or foot related pain and discomfort. Some conditions may be severe and have already undergone osseous change. In this case the orthotics will prevent further damage and promote soft tissue restoration.Custom orthotics addresses the biomechanical cause of the condition. Think of your orthotics like prescription eyeglasses. They correct alignment when they are worn. Orthotics are not like dental braces which correct alignment over time. Compression Stockings
Stockings gently but firmly squeeze your legs and support the superficial veins. Compression stockings that provide a greater squeeze at the ankles and less squeeze up the leg are called gradient.  Gradient compression stockings reduce swelling and help keep blood from pooling in the veins of your leg. Gradient compression stockings help the blood in your veins to flow in the right direction - back toward your heart.  Even if your
veins and valves are damaged. Compression stockings are worn by men and women who would like to prevent swelling, varicose veins, and tired achy legs. Hosiery comes in many fashionable options that suit any lifestyle.  Whether you need sheer or opaque, men's or women's styles or a variety of colors to suit a diverse wardrobe, chances are there is a solution that won't just help you feel good, but look good too!You can benefit from compression hosiery whether you suffer from tired and aching legs because you spend too much time standing or sitting, or suffer from more serious problems like swelling and venous disease.  We offer a wide range of colors and styles from the top brands of Jobst and Sigvaris .  And, we fit all genders, shapes and sizes from tall to petite. Biofreeze
Relieves pain by using cold therapy. This long lasting, deep penetrating pain relief can last up to several hours. Pain-free muscles heal faster. Most beneficial for those who suffer from back and neck pain, sore muscles, arthritis and sports injury pain. Foot Fresh
For severe foot odour. This herbal cream deodorant is an all natural cream contains no aluminum and no alcohol. Leaves your feet feeling soft, dry and odour-free.  Be absolutely confident that your or your family will never experience embarrassing foot odour as long as  is used as little as once a week.  Use showering, bathing, or any strenuous activity.The ingredients in the patented formula of  are gentle, yet very effective: talc, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, zinc oxide, arnica oil, calendula oil, citric acid, vitamin E, and natural fragrance.Kills all bacteria and fungus on the skin.  Scientific studies have proven anti-bacterial, anti-fungal  to be 99% effective for up to 7 days.   Has been endorsed by the Saskatchewan Association of Chiropodists for severe foot odour. Allpresan Foot Cream
The moisturizing care and protection concept for dry and sensitive skin. Try Allpresan #2 or #3. Cream foam is easy to apply, absorbs immediately without residue, moisturizing, making skin more elastic, and also is free of perfumes and preservative. Use #7 for athletes foot. Allpresan Anti-Fungal Spray
Developed for the prevention and care of nails prone to fungal infections. Due to its active ingredients panthenol and avocado-oil, all rough and damaged nails become healthy and shiny.  The presence of clotrimazole prevents the development of fungus on nails. Bazuka Extra Strength Gel
Easily removes skin growth such as warts. This gel softens the skin growth of warts, verruca and assists in the removal of the excessive skin with an emery board of pumice stone.  It also helps to kill the virus within the wart of verruca.  Therefore lessening the possibility of infectious spreading. Orthopedic Shoes
We carry a wide range of Orthopedic Shoes from top brand companies.  We are able to accommodate all difficult size issues with particular attention to the width and depth of your feet.  Our well-trained staff and physicians will assist you in the selection of styles to accommodate your custom orthotics and your particular foot care needs.   Custom Fit Shoes
Custom Fit Shoes are Orthopedic Shoes that you choose from our wide selection and then we have your custom orthodic built in to the shoe.  We then make the necessary modifications to meet your special foot care needs.  For example, heel modification to give even greater comfort. Custom Made Shoes
We are able to make a unique mold of your feet and then we have shoes made precisely to adapt to the shape and support the needs of your feet. Orthopedic Assistive Products & Supplies
We are pleased to offer a full range of specialty products to assist and support your orthopedic challenges. Here are of some of the assistive devices we have available to make your life easier:
· Knee Braces
· Ankle Braces
· Canes
· Longer Shoe Horns
· Foot Gel Cushions
· Splints
· And more …
Specially formulated for Step By Step Dead Sea Salt with Essential Oils
Helps your feet naturally while soaking your feet in warm water. Combinations of salts are made with antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal essential oils.  All the oils have the potential to boost the immune system and assist with the removal of excess fluids.  Additionally, while you relax, the soaking process exfoliates your skin leaving it cleaner, smoother and softer.  Leaving you lighter and fresher over all.

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Keywords: Compression Stockings, Orthotics

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