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By: Stellar Winery  09-12-2011
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Stellar Organics

The sparsely populated Namaqualand does not suffer the light pollution that plagues urban areas around the world. The dark nights and clean air reveal the breathtaking cosmic display of the aptly-named Milky Way. The clear nights are also cooler and help bring down the average summer temperature. We pay homage to this phenomenon with the Stellar Organics range.

The wines are assembled from different farms, ferments and yeasts. Each wine in the blend starts with deep colour and ripe fruit and tannins. Individual nuances arise from organic agriculture, saline irrigation water, cooling afternoon winds, wild ferments and other still-to-be-discovered influences. Lightly wooded for structure rather than flavour, these wines offer a tasting experience that will provide a convincing argument for the ascendancy of organic over conventional wines.


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Stellar Organics Sparkling

This delicious organic sparkling is ideal for special occasions or simply because you love it.

Stellar Reserve

The term RESERVE is often used to indicate a wine that is made in smaller quantities than the standard, and/or has received a special treatment like wooding. In our case , a Reserve wine is one that the winemaker has singled out from the vintage as being worthy of special attention.

The Indian Runner ducks, Stellar's celebrated pest-control battlion, feature on the Reserve label.

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Stellar Organics No-Sulphur Added (NSA) Range

Sulphur dioxide is one of the oldest known food additives and has been used in wine since ancient times when sulphur was burnt before sealing the wine in the barrels. It also develops naturally in wine as part of the fermentation process.

However it is also added as a preservative to prevent oxidation of the wine and at the grape-crushing stage as a cleansing agent to kill unwanted bacteria and wild yeasts.

This innovative range of wines produced and bottled without the addition of sulphur dioxide, has been developed as a natural extension of Stellar's commitment to organic winemaking.


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Now and then a wine is required that doesn't need a ritual on opening, whose departure from a collection is not accompanied by nostalgic memories of its purchase. A wine that doesn't need glasses you don't have. Sometimes one wants a wine to be a song heard a thousand times, something to hum to, tap to, work with. A wine that's finished before you get to know it, a wine you begin to miss only when it's gone. A wine that realises there are other things in life, a lot of other things. (Wine geeks may read the fine print).

The Live-a-Little range was created to be that wine. Made from our more generously yielding vineyards, the grapes are given the same care in the coldrooms and the crusher as our more serious offerings. Yeasts specially selected for this style are used. Ferment temperatures are kept in check and pump-overs done less vigorously. Earlier pressing, racking and filtering retain the vibrant colour and fruit, resulting in an entry-level wine that will surprise and revive you.

Live-a-Little wines with no added sulphur are available in the United States.

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No sulphites added - USA

Additional Export Brands 

Besides our own label brands we also specialise in Private Labels. A number of successful exports have been made to various countries around the world using our clients' own labels, or ones we have specially designed for them.

Speciality Wines

A new release from Stellar, Grace communal wine is a sweet Ruby Cabernet which has the distinction of being the first organic Fairtrade wine to be available to the faith-based community.

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Heaven-on-Earth Dessert Wine

Our area of the Western Cape is the only area in the world where Rooibos (red bush), known since the time of the San for its medicinal properties, can be cultivated. Fully sun-ripened Muscat d'Alexandrie grapes partially dried on a bed of organic straw and Rooibos and rehydrated in their own juice has produced a dessert wine redolent of the flavours and scents of apricot and Rooibos. Heaven on Earth is a superb example of a specialist regional product.


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