business intelligence suite

By: Sryas  09-12-2011

Business Intelligence Suite, Reporting tools, Business Intelligence with forecaster, data mining and what-if-analysis reporting tools provided by Sryas software Pvt. Ltd in Chennai, India.

ANALANCE Business Intelligence Suite

Sryas Business Intelligence solution - Analance, is a comprehensive Business Intelligence suite that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. Analance provides better insight and visibility across organizations, improves operational efficiency and effectiveness, and provides the flexibility to address business changes in real time. Analance provides  Web-based OLAP solution, that enables employees in an organization to create and share OLAP/Relational/XML based views, using SQL Analysis services, Office Web components, Relational OLAP components and Designer reports. ANALANCE BI portal, provides senior and middle management, of businesses and public organizations with reporting and business measurement tools.

ANALANCE Business Intelligence for Management

In this fast changing environment, to have a competitive edge, it is important to be proactive and acquire the ability to forecast the future through a meaningful analysis of the past trends with Business Analytics.

  • Scorecards and Dash boards provide for real time updates
  • Analance multidimensional reports replace the traditional two dimensional reports.
  • Analance facilitates corporate performance management with Analytics
  • Analance empowers business owners to predict markets, analyze trends and forecast opportunities.
  • Organizations can plan, budget and decide on actions to be taken using Analance Planning tool.