SQL Server Audit

By: Sql Experts  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, SQL Server

Are you in compliance with Bill C6? How safe is your data and SQL Server environment from external and intenal vulnerabilities?

We have the expertise to fulfill your Auditing requirements whether it is SQL performance related or SQL security related or you want to audit any changes to your data or database objects:

Performance Audit:

The goal of this performance audit is to help you identify any performance problems with your SQL Server, its environment or its structure. Using our Performance Checklist, we can determine the bottlenecks, give recommendations and provide solutions. Our Checklist can cover these areas:

  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • SQL Server configuration
  • Database settings
  • Database Indexes
  • Application and SQL Code

Security Audit:

Security Audit determines whether MS SQL Server has necessary service packs, security patches, Master database version, MDAC, capture unauthorized logins and SA credential security. This will enhance SQL Server security from internal users as well as external vulnerabilities.

Data/Object Change Audit:

Data and Object Change auditing provides a comprehensive audit trail of critical data activity including data access, data changes and changes to database structure. It also helps to mitigate the significant business risks associated with compliance requirements. We can help you to achieve this by using native SQL Server security features and available SQL tools.

Keywords: Security, SQL Server

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