One-on-one consultations for healthy eating for you, your baby or toddler and family

By: Sprout Right  09-12-2011
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Your Concerns

Our private consultations are detailed and in depth. We look at your diet and lifestyle, then discuss what your specific health concerns are. Getting to the bottom of what causes a symptom is the key to success. Rather than just treating the symptom, we look for and support the cause of your headaches, digestive upset, lack of energy, or whatever your complaint may be. Whether you have a very healthy diet that needs some tweaking or need to improve your diet to make nutrient packed breast milk, we can help you achieve your goals.

For Your Little One

We offer pediatric consultations for your baby or toddler. You may be concerned about starting your baby on solid food as there is a history of food allergies in the family. Maybe your baby or tot has eczema or your toddler will only eat one food and you need help to boost their immune system. Whatever your concern is, we give you the knowledge and support to improve your child's situation and move forward in the healthiest way possible.

The Consultation Process

It starts with you completing our detailed questionnaire before your first appointment takes place. This information is confidential and is only used as a reference point and expand on it during your consultation. Once we feel we have enough background information, we explain any underlying and contributing factors to your original concerns. We then put together an action plan of what dietary and lifestyle changes will improve your/your child’s health and support your/your child’s body's needs. Included in the action plan are meal suggestions, new food ideas and recipes. A supplement program may also be included to deal with any nutrient deficiencies. A first appointment can last between sixty and ninety minutes depending on your concerns.

A follow up appointment is scheduled four to six weeks later and usually lasts from thirty to forty five minutes.


First consultation: Adult and children - $100 per hour

Follow up – about four weeks after first consultation: Adult and children - $60 per 45 minutes


Footprints Therapy Centre – 245 Fairview Mall Drive., Suite 701, Toronto, ON M2J 4T1

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Keywords: Consultation, Food