By: Sprigghr  09-12-2011
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Sprigg Performance Reviews

This highly intuitive software centralizes, provides easy access, and enables the management of key performance data while connecting people to strategy. The result? A solution that increases employee contribution and retention while slashing organizational costs associated with managing talent.

SpriggHR Inc. has created a suite of online talent management software tools that focus on streamlining employee performance and creating more efficient operations for organizations.

Through our feature product, Sprigg, companies eliminate paperwork hassles, increase employee productivity, optimize compensation by promoting a pay for performance culture, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Using a secure server, employees create, submit and review goals and or job / department-specific competencies with their manager on an interactive platform that maximizes feedback and guarantees synchronization for entire organizations.

Sprigg also allows managers to create development plans that ensure employees remain in sync with their organization’s key performance indicators.

We encourage you to watch the demos available on this site to learn more about this powerful software and how easy it is to use. You will also learn more about the advantages of growing a more engaged workforce.

Catalytic Coaching Online

If you’re looking for a different perspective in guiding the Performance Management process in your organization, we encourage you to explore our web-based tool, Catalytic Coaching Online. This conversation-based performance tool is driven by the Employee, does not include any ratings, grades, or discussions around salary. It is also a very effective mechanism for dealing with difficult situations if an employee is not performing.

The CCO process focuses on three colour-coded worksheets (yellow, blue, green):

  • YELLOW – Initiated By Employee: The Employee initiates a 45-minute face-to-face meeting with their Coach / Manager consisting of a positive conversation around where they currently are in their position within the organization, as well as the direction they would like their career to take.
  • BLUE – Initiated By Coach / Manager: The coach then reviews their notes and initiates the second face-to-face meeting (45-minutes) to discuss the employee’s strengths, areas for improvement, as well as development recommendations.
  • GREEN – Initiated By Employee: The Employee and Manager meet for a third time (15 minutes) to discuss the performance management plan / personal development plan the employee has devised. They will discuss the employee’s objectives for the year, and how and when they will be achieved. The focus will be on either the areas for improvement in the employee’s current position, or how they will make themselves a better candidate for advancement.

GPS - Growing Profitable Sales

Do you have the sales systems, processes and tools you need to keep your sales team on track to consistently grow your results? Most companies don’t.

If you’re looking for a sales system that puts you on a consistent sales track, that’s easy to implement and is proven to produce bigger results, then GPS software is for you!

GPS – Growing Profitable Sales is a unique online navigation tool to grow your sales and profits.

What can you expect from your sales team using GPS?

  • An increased focus on results
  • A proven sales plan with effective systems and processes
  • A strong competitive advantage
  • Improved sales leadership for your sales team

Keywords: Eliminate Paperwork, Talent Management Software,