By: Spm Group  09-12-2011

How can SPM's range of services combine to solve the challenges that keep you and your top team up at night?  Here a six solutions to common pain points for our clients

  1. Infrastructure
  2. The Culture of Change
  3. Mergers, Acquisitions and Change Management
  4. Distressed Projects and Initiatives
  5. Risk Management
  6. Resourcing

1. Implementing End-to-End Strategic Initiative Management (SIM)

To close the gaps in strategy execution, SPM will help you implement SIM infrastructure and practices. SPM's unique approach to SIM is called our Strategic Initiative Realization Framework (SIRF). It links strategy to benefits realization.

Because every organization is different, we tailor these to your context, stage of development and outlook.

2. Transforming to a Culture of Change

Embedded culture patterns, resistance or confusion can be a key inhibitor of strategy execution. Strategic Initiatives drive change and cut across silo boundaries. Organizations are naturally resistant to change. Plus, people taken out of their silo-based comfort zones and reward systems often feel cast adrift.

Working with our partner, Culture Strategy Fit, SPM's focus on the Culture of Change consulting solutions provide pinpoint help for the ensuring the right culture and organizational change management practices to support strategy execution. 

3. Optimizing Results from Mergers, Acquisitions, and Change Management Programs

Why do Mergers & Acquisitions, restructurings and change management programs typically have a low success rate? Because the infrastructure and culture for handling "The New "are not in place. Each program is a new beginning. Mechanisms for capturing learnings are not set up. And the infrastructure built for handling a specific program is often torn down when the initiative closes.

SPM enables you to optimize results from large significant transformations such as Merger & Acquisition and Change Management programs by putting in place the Strategic Initiative Management infrastructure and practices needed to address your specific issues - and then by building on this to handle ongoing strategy execution.

4. Identifying and Remedying Distressed Initiatives

By the time you find out about a distressed initiative, the damage may be so great that it must be brought to your attention. Rationales and blame have already been worked out. The time is likely past for course corrections.

SPM can identify those initiatives apt to be at risk. For projects that are clearly troubled, we can provide rapid fixes that build towards long term solutions.

5. Managing Risk on Strategic Priorities

Risk analysis and mitigation are key processes for any strategic agenda. However, one risk that is consistently overlooked - and consistently a cause of project failure - is the inability of an organization to execute.

If you are about to undertake a decisive strategic initiative, call us in. SPM can assess your execution risks and recommend remedies.

6. Resourcing

SPM Resourcing Services offer temporary solutions that can have lasting effects.

We provide fill-in project and program management staff. And we set up and run Program and Project Offices. In either case, the presence of our expert staff and the use of advanced SIM concepts transfer knowledge to your team.

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