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By: Specops Software  09-12-2011
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Multiple password policies

A significant limitation with standard password functionality is that only a single complexity rule can be applied across the entire domain, affecting all user accounts in the same way independent of their security risk factor. Specops Password Policy overcomes this restriction by allowing you to specify multiple password policies based on rules you define. Itis based on Group Policy technology, and can be configured in any number of group policies within the Active Directory.

Specops Password Policy offers numerous granular password complexity features to define the rules for a password policy. One example of this is the ability to define lists containing words restricted for use within passwords. It helps your organization to be password policy compliant.

Additional features assist administrators in reseting lost passwords. Examples of this include, bypassing a policy once upon reset, automatically unlocking accounts, and requiring the user to change their password at next logon. These features help lower the burden on administrators when resetting lost passwords.

The password policy solution in action

Users attempting to change their passwords receive clear notification of the password rules that apply to them. This feature eliminates most unnecessary calls to the help desk related to understanding the password policy rules and restrictions.

Using Specops Password Policy will strengthen your overall security and ensure your Windows network meets constantly changing password compliancy standards.

Product reviews/articles

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Password Filter Technology

Specops Password Policy employs password filter technology running on each domain controller which enforces the password complexity rules. Optionally, a client side component provides an enhanced end user reset message that assists in meeting the specific complexity rules defined by your organization.

Password Policy & Active Directory

Specops Password Policy snaps directly in to the GPMC console. The user interface is consistent, clear, intuitive and context sensitive help is always available. It will provide a more secure and compliant Windows environment without the need to re-design your network or learn new technologies.

Password Filter Configuration

When creating password policy rules, a number of additional requirements and/or restrictions can be defined, providing exactly the level of password complexity required for each part of your organization.

A well configured password complexity solution not only provides better overall security, it also allows your organization to easily meet password related compliancy requirements in a quick and cost effective manner.

Customer quotes

David Massaro, Coordinator of Technology Resources, Redlands Unified School District, USA:

“The Specops Password Policy / Specops Password Reset Software Solution met our needs. We solved the problems and delivered on our promise to comply with multiple complexity password policies for our higher risk staff user accounts and we also empowered these users to effectively manage their own password resets themselves”

“The third problem we solved was cutting down on the time our IT administrators spent on password management related and password reset issues. Since my System Admin is no longer spending valuable time addressing this issue, he has been able to focus on other more important aspects of our internal operations. By putting the onus on our users for password reset issues means the users now understand the enrolment process, they know how to access the secure web portal with their challenge question(s) process, and they have become aware of the specific password complexity requirements that has/have been assigned to them as part of a specific user group”

Keywords: Help Desk

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