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By: Specops Software  09-12-2011
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Deploy software using Group Policy

Since Specops Deploy uses Group Policy technology, additional infrastructure besides Active Directory and Group Policy is not required. Software deployment  and software distribution has never been this straight forward before. And if you are using Group Policy Software Installation today for software distribution/software deployment, Specops Deploy will amaze you!

Specops Deploy is a major upgrade from Microsoft's native Group Policy Software Installation software (GPSI). Feel free to contact us for more information on how to upgrade from GPSI  to a more mature software deployment/software distribution process that enhances Group Policy with Specops Deploy.

Operating systems deployment

The OS deployment feature is based on standard components such as Windows Deployment Services and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010. It handles Windows Deployment Services and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit in a fully automated way and allows you to practically do anything that you might want to do with them in an enterprise environment.

This means that you can start quickly and easily. You will be able to do everything yourself, without needing to add or learn any complex new infrastructure  - and without having to bring in outside consultants.  Specops Deploy's OS deployment features allow you to rapidly install or re-install computers at will with the guidance of our intelligent wizard tool. 

Software deployment

Specops Deploy's Software Deployment/Software Distribution functionality snaps right in to the Group Policy Management console (GPMC). The user interface is very consistent, clear and helpful. It makes software distribution quick and seamless. Context aware help is always available and is there to help you as you move along. There is no need to read through thick manuals before getting started with this Group Policy based Software distribution tool.  And, because Specops is committed to "innovation and simplicity" in all we do, we also ensure that there is plenty of easy-to-understand documentation and support available when you need it.

Deploying Office is usually quite cumbersome for people who aren't yet familiar with Specops Deploy.  You can put all of your Office deployment pains and hassles behind you TODAY by simply downloading a demo version of Specops Deploy.  It's easy.  

Virtual software deployment

With Specops Deploy, providing Microsoft App-V virtual applications to your clients is as easy as managing any other type of software package.

Virtual applications are not installed like normal applications on the client computer. Instead the application is published, which means that the application will be downloaded to the local computer when the user uses it for the first time. This makes patching a virtual application very simple. After a patch has been applied, the new version of the virtual application is simply added to a streaming server and tagged as an upgrade. The upgraded application will then be downloaded to replace the outdated local version the next time a user starts it.

Reporting and targeting

Specops Deploy offers detailed feedback of all software deployment, reporting that is not available natively in Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI). This information is displayed both as numbers, updated in real-time, and as graphs depicting success rates and deployment events over time. It is possible to drill down to specific client error messages, if needed. Getting good feedback is the key to a successful software deployment/software distribution process.

Specops Deploy not only reports status on all deployments. Applications can also be published both during boot/logon, after the computer is started and after the user has logged on, which ensures that the application is delivered to the user. The support for a background BITS download also helps to ensure delivery since it makes the software accessible for VPN users.

Utilizing Group Policy

Regardless of your level of active directory knowledge, Specops Deploy can provide benefits to you and your organization. Bringing together the best of both worlds, Specops Deploy allows you to use the native group policy functionality and interface while getting all the additional functionality that your organization requires. Group policy is an integral part of the active directory, so why not maximize the potential of the existing infrastructure? Think of this concept as using existing roads for all types of vehicles, as opposed to building separate roads for red cars, blue cars etc.

Specops Deploy main product features

After downloading Specops Deploy, you can have your first software package installed on a client in less than one hour. The new systems administrator will find the simple GUI in Specops Deploy incredibly easy to navigate. More advanced administrators (such as those working with GPEdit, GPMC etc.) will discover a vast array of additional features for more effective deployment.

Specops Deploy technical feature set

  • Underlying GPX engine is completely based on Group Policy and leverages the existing infrastructure to provide a whole new level of functionality
  • Installation over weak network links including VPN links (using BITS technology)
  • Supports Windows installer packages and legacy setups such as setup.exe
  • Live feedback reporting indicating which software/updates/patches/security fixes were installed correctly, as well as installs that failed or included warnings
  • Extensive reporting to provide effective monitoring of the entire software deployment process
  • Supports background installations during runtime or boot/login
  • No reboots needed on target systems after deploying software
  • Advanced software targeting mechanism using optimal client side evaluation
  • Extensive end user interaction features
  • Scheduling of installations
  • Possible to prioritize installations for urgent deployments

Customer quotes

Bill Barnes, RHCE Bloomsburg University, USA:

"In academic library settings, client re-imaging has become a common procedure. When you re-image often, many software distribution management packages fail or are tricky to get working correctly. We chose Specops Deploy to fill the gap between the built in Group Policy Software installation and SMS. It is working so reliably for us, we're starting to remove SMS clients off the public computers, using Specops Deploy!"

Jan Granvik, Täby Kommun, Sweden:

“We evaluated several other solutions and chose Specops because their product is both efficient and easy to implement while they are a proven competent, reliable supplier”. “With the new solution in place, we can re-install any computer in less than 30 minutes, either with our standard Windows XP platform or with our new Windows 7 platform along with all of our applications, without the need to be physically on site.  We’re really happy!"

Arthur Evans, IT Systems Manager, Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A. USA:

“We needed something that would allow us to be able to push out applications and updates to our various user groups which also had integration with our Active Directory, provided real time feedback on our deployments and was easy to use. We found that in Specops Deploy.”

Mark Baxa, Systems Engineer / IT Operations Manager, Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A. USA:

“What we liked even more was the fact that we did not have to purchase additional hardware or software.  Specops Deploy works as it should right out of the box.”

Todd Fiedler, Director of Information Technology, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, USA:

“When we ran the test/evaluation of Specops Deploy we were ecstatic to see it deploy to the workstations that were targeted to receive the Synapse Radiology application. What is even better is that my team does not have to rework the application to allow it to be deployed as is the case with other systems we tested.”

David McHenry, Technical Support Manager, National Federation of Independent Business – NFIB, USA:

“We were quite happy to prove to our management team that we could do this centrally and remotely for our VPN users, as well as schedule when those deployments could occur with Specops Deploy.”

Philippe Choquette, IT Manager, Aegera Therapeutics, Canada:

“Specops Deploy allowed our staff to schedule when the deployments will occur. Knowing we do not have to physically walk to each workstation to install or upgrade software applications has been ideal as we are a small IT staff with limited people and resources.”

"Having a solution that gives you feedback as the deployments occur is a nice feature as well. This means we can immediately take steps to correct any issues with a specific deployment and this impacts positively on our team’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.”

Dave Wolfendale, Associate Director, ISS Newcastle University, UK:

“We were prepared to spend time evaluating strategic solutions, yet with key criteria: the ultimate operational efficiency and the preference for a supplier with whom we could build a long-term working relationship.” “During the evaluation period, extensive guidance, help and support were provided as needed and an overall comfortable relationship established with the two key criteria being resolved completely!”


"Specops Deploy is one of two software solutions that I have used that actually works as advertised."

"Today, I don’t understand how we could operate without Specops Deploy."

"We have been using Specops Deploy 3.6 for nearly a year and I cannot say enough about how it has streamlined and sped our software deployment process. Thanks you for such a great product."

Product reviews


"The option to expand upon Group Policy instead of replacing it is the real beauty of Specops Deploy"

Redmond Magazine

Score: 8.9 of 10
"Many companies have developed software deployment tools, but few have done it as simply as Special Operations Software. That simplicity is what makes Specops Deploy so attractive.."

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