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By: Solutia  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management

What Can Solutia SDO Do For You?

Solutia SDO will only deliver services that offer significant value to our clients. This is why we specialize in three service lines - , , and . The consulting services offered by each service line are focused on assisting our clients with the definition of their Strategy, the Delivery on the projects to achieve their strategic and tactical objectives, and the efficient and effective management of their Operations.

Knowledge Our clients understand their business, and how it needs to change. We draw out the knowledge and insight you already have in-house, articulating your opportunities and vision. We’ll work together to develop several alternatives that are best suited to meet your objectives.

Business Case An extensive business case will measure the opportunity cost and potential ROI of each alternative. This is critical for two reasons:

  1. Leaders can make informed decisions on Total Cost of Ownership and corresponding ROI before making significant investments.
  2. Business managers can understand their responsibilities in achieving the stated ROI.

Planning Once the selected alternative is confirmed, we build detailed business plans, resource schedules and critical implementation approaches that will take us from Strategy to Delivery.

In COMPLEAT™ terms – we’ll define your business Blueprint.

Engineering Once a business strategy is defined, Solutia moves into a project delivery role. Our teams have the experience to deliver on solutions developed during the Strategy-Blueprint phase. We know that a practical delivery solution is critical when engineering your strategy.

Experience To successfully deliver on your strategy, our team will bring experience in the following areas:

  • Program and Risk Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Change Leadership and Communication
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Training and Transition Planning
  • Product and Technology Services

In COMPLEAT™ terms, we’ll Design & Prototype your business model, Build & Configure your processes and technology, and Test & Deliver all components of the project.

Transition When an objective is near completion, the team will transition the new business model to operational teams. Often, as new processes and systems are implemented, there is a ‘performance dip’ until the operational teams become experts on the new business model.

Performance Assistance To help manage this ‘performance dip’, we offer many services that allow you to significantly improve performance, including:

Short Term Staff Augmentation: We can move our project team into your operational area, providing real-time support.

Application Maintenance: When we implement your software, we can maintain the application for your company through onsite and remote services.

Business Process Outsourcing: For small to mid-size enterprises, we can provide the transactional support required to run the day-to-day operations of your Back Office.

In COMPLEAT™ terms, we help with the Transition process.

Keywords: Risk Management