The Various Uses and Applications for SolarWall solar thermal heating technology (transpired solar collector

By: Solarwall  09-12-2011
Keywords: natural resources, Solar Heating, Air Ventilation

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The SolarWall® solar thermal air heater system has a myriad of uses and applications. Ranging from solar process drying of crops such as tobacco and nuts, to solar heating and fresh air ventilation for industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings. View examples of SolarWall applications below:

Warehouses, distribution centers etc

Schools, recreation centers etc

Aircraft hangars, vehicle garages  etc

Apartment buildings, condos etc

Barns, poultry coups, crop drying etc

Office buildings, utilities, etc

"Conserval Engineering has developed a solar technology that combines simplicity of design with technological ingenuity, and the market has responded strongly.. Conserval is a world leader in innovation.. As clean,  energy-efficient technologies, Conserval’s products contribute to the stabilization of greenhouse gas emissions.  Conserval’s excellence in transferring these technologies to the marketplace serve as an example for other Canadian companies."

-Anne McLellan, former Federal Minister of Natural Resources Canada

Keywords: Air Ventilation, natural resources, Solar Heating, Solar Process Drying

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how solarwall pvt works

How SolarWall PV/T Works - Explanation of the SolarWall air heating and PV electricity hybrid co-generation systems, how they provide increased PV efficiency and fresh solar heated ventilation air for industrial and commercial buildings. The SolarWall® PV/T technology is a building integrated solution that solves the overheating problems found in most building integrated PV systems by removing the heat from the back of the PV modules.


SolarWall Solar for Agriculture, Barn heating, Crop and Process Drying

From commercial drying of laundry, to drying woods and manure, to curing leathers, and from heating swimming pools to preheating combustion air for furnaces, SolarWall drying systems work without fuel waste, and sometimes without any fuel use at all.


How the SolarWall transpired solar collector Solar Air Heating System Works

The performance of the SolarWall technology has been established through extensive testing and third party monitoring by organizations such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Natural Resources Canada, and numerous others in countries around the world.