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By: Society Of Composers, Authors & Music Publishers Of Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Application Development, web services, Service Oriented Architecture

SOLA now supports IMS
  • The SOLA Studio supports multiple IMS input and output segments
  • SOLA communicates with IMS via IMS Connect or OTMA
  • IMS transactions can be part of an orchestration
  • IMS subroutines can be published as services
  • IMS programs can be service consumers
  • IMS Transactions can be written in COBOL, PL/I or Natural

SOLA is the most complete mainframe Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution in the industry. SOLA solves today’s most critical problem, making mainframe applications part of an SOA in a cost effective manner. SOLA provides customers with a fast and easy process to expose mainframe applications as secure Web Services, and allows mainframe applications to consume Web Services. Using SOLA, customers can leverage billions of dollars of existing mainframe investments when building an enterprise SOA. The SOLA runtime environment runs entirely on the mainframe, eliminating the need for expensive, unreliable and unnecessary middleware. This, coupled with SOLA's Development Studio, vastly increases developer productivity, providing faster time to market and lower application development cost. The combination of a highly optimized runtime, no middleware and improved productivity provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry.

SOLA’s high performance and low CPU overhead enable customers to run the world’s largest mainframe SOA implementations in the most cost effective manner. SOLA is the only product proven in enterprise implementations to handle high volume (10 million+) transactions per day in mission-critical mainframe SOA environments.

SOLA Advantages for Mainframe SOA
  • Most comprehensive mainframe SOA solution on the market
  • Production proven track record in the Fortune 1000
  • Lowest TCO (and highest ROI) in the industry
  • SOLA is a Governed Service Platform, making it fully governable by SOA Software products like Policy Manager and Service Manager
  • Standards-based, enterprise SOA ready
  • BPEL support enhances efficiency of complex operations.
  • No workstation software to install
  • Centralized directory
  • Mainframe operates as a server or as a client
SOLA and IBM's CICS TSv3.x
  • Takes advantage of TS 3.x Enhancements
  • Expands pipeline capabilities
  • Adds much needed functionality
  • Adds support for BMS3270, VSAM Access and more

SOLA – What makes it the most complete Mainframe SOA Solution?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural methodology for the loose coupling and management of services. Mainframe web services are a component of mainframe SOA. SOLA goes beyond mainframe web services to offer every essential component of a mainframe SOA, enabling the mainframe to act as a first class participant in an enterprise wide SOA.

SOLA Governance

SOLA is the only mainframe SOA product to offer closed-loop Governance automation. A service is automatically governed from the point of creation because it inherits a security policy. Policy, by means of WS-PolicyAttachment, is associated with the service though all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. It is not possible to create or run an ungoverned service. On top of this, SOLA’s built in monitoring, logging and auditing capabilities, as well as its standards based architecture combine to make SOLA fully governable by external governance products like SOA Software's Policy Manager.


Keywords: Application Development, Service Oriented Architecture, web services

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