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By: Sincerity  09-12-2011

Offering insights of "Alternative" sources that inspire well being and sincerity. My services assist you in finding a modality of therapy that suits your current life routine and captures your personal interest. I believe all modalities of healing have their place their ideal partner. Engage in a little sincerity to find your ideal source for inspiring you towards moments and flows of peace and bliss.

individual moments

group moments

An evening of substance & decadence that includes..
A Nutritionist preparing a mindful menu created with holistic intentions & culinary flair in your own kitchen or a pre-selected location.
Sincere moments to engage with Holistic Therapists of your liking & interest.   Take a moment to ask individual questions that inspire positive change within yourself, your family, or within a group/company. Wellness Info Guide tailored to events details & client interests..includes local sources.

The environment is subtle, chic & relaxed with no speaker, more so a modern social lounge of pleasure & inspires. A pre-selected "shopping" option available to explore products/tools from researched sources with Holistic attributes. Receive exclusive discounts &  sample offerings from a variety of "eco" manufacturers. We source & promote businesses with parallel visions of sincerity.

customized wellness guide

A personal "magazine" of sorts created to inspire a "take action" approach.

Simply explore further..647.504.4301

Disclaimer: All material provided in the sincerity website is provided for educational purposes only. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any information provided.


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Various meetings with a Certified Aromatherapist where a series of efforts are performed to create a PRIVATE recipe that is yours and yours only. Created combining chemistry, psychology & meditative vibes while mindfulness in ingredients, process & packaging support our intentions. A line of aromatic mists blended with therapeutic-grade essential oils intended to impact emotional energies & physical symptoms.