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By: Sincerity  09-12-2011
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A line of aromatic mists blended with therapeutic-grade essential oils intended to impact emotional energies & physical symptoms. The sincerity line is offered as a subtle supporting tool for benefiting emotional imbalances & environmental strains. Created combining chemistry, psychology & meditative vibes while mindfulness in ingredients, process & packaging support our intentions. All blends are handmade & created with the purist of ingredients & sincerest of intentions.

Refill, Recycle & Reuse options available.

emotional blends

Created to impact one's state of being with nature's chemical influences.


30 ml – $20.00


30 ml – $22.00


30 ml – $20.00

physical blends

created to impact physical discomforts with natures healing properties.

Skin Shield Lotion

100 ml – $45.00

Use to protect & nourish from harsh winter wind conditions.

Ingredients: organic rosehip oil & grapeseed oil from Chili, Foraha oil from the nuts of the Tamanu tree found in Madagascar, bees wax & organic lavender oil.

Lavender Water H20 Mist

100 ml – $18.00

Ideal for toning sensitive skin..also a healthy vibe calming air freshener.

Ingredients: organic lavender essential oil from wild harvested fields in Bulgaria.

Internal Recovery Oil Blend

15 ml – $30.00

Boost for weakened immune systems.

Ingredients: handmade blend with quality wild oregano from Mt. Olympus & virgin olive oil.

Sterilizing Blend

100 ml – $20.00

Use to naturally disinfect hands & various surfaces (coats, mittens, linens, sofas & more). Ideal when sneezes, coughs & such occur. Apply on a cloth for steering wheel, computer mouse, door handles & other such places. A natural & harmless sanitizer.

Ingredients: oregano water, lavender water, tea tree+

Please be mindful of nature's potency.

safety guidelines..
Please do not touch your eyes soon after application.  Pregnant women should consult their doctor or a certified aromatherapist prior to usage.  Essential Oils are flammable, so please be mindful when using as a room mist with candles.  Do not mist on delicate fabrics.  Safe for all skin types.

create your own blend

Customized Blend

Single session starting at $90.00

Need a little something to inspire you?
Want to use aromatics to stimulate your senses and impact your vibe? Explore your personal aromatic pleasures and find the ideal blend for you.
A choice of 100ml mist or 15 ml oil blend included.

Private Blend

Multiple sessions starting at $800.00

Various meetings with a Certified Aromatherapist where a series of efforts are performed to create a PRIVATE recipe that is yours and yours only. Includes labelling & bottling efforts. Ideal for those who wish to add a source of income and/or "added value" to their private practice, wellness centre, or holistic business.
Includes recipe & private labeling.

oils for self blending

We specialize in quality therapeutic grade essential oils and carrier oils from "eco" & Fair Trade farms.


The water collected in the distillation process of an essential oil. These "left-overs" of sorts carry a subtle influence of the originating essence. Ideal for everyday users who enjoy living with aromatics. Sample sessions available.

100ml – $15.00

  • economial indulgence for feeling the love.
  • Lavender..great for kiddies and cuts.
  • Neroli..spoil yourself with one of the most expensive oils.
  • Geranium..for those who love flowers
  • Chamomile..calm, cool and collected.
  • Wild Sweet Grass..indulge in this summer breeze.
  • Melissa..whispers of spring
  • Rosemary..cleanse the space
  • Lemon Balm..clear the air
  • Sweet Gale/White Sage..find the clarity
  • Woody Wonderland-fir/pine/spruce..get grounded.

Simply call Silvina at 647.504.4301 to book a "sit & scent" session to find your aromatic pleasure or to explore ordering options, delivery methods & shipping potentials.

We source from farms harvesting and processing their crops with integrity. Some essential oils found in "retail" environments include harmful additives for the benefit of shelf life and not your well being. Therapeutic vs. Perfume grade essential oils can mean the difference between oils that heal and oils that are toxic. Rest assured, we'll bring the sincerity to you.

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