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By: Sigmatelemed  09-12-2011

Sigma offers a family of products focused in cardiovascular diagnosis at the point of care, for clinical telemedicine and home telehealth.

  • At the point of care, we offer , a small insert which transforms  any mechanical stethoscope into a digital auscultation system that communicates with other skōp units, PC’s and Smartphones.

Other products and services from Sigmatelemed


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Cardiac Spectrograph – A simple onscreen measurement of a murmur in the spectrograph helps to distinguish innocent from systolic ejection murmurs and to track the severity of and aortic valve stenosis. Playback at half speed – Slowing down the sound while watching the waveform really helps to resolve closely timed events or complex sounds – especially as the heart rate increases.


SigmaTelemed- skōp

This acoustic tool for analyzing speech has been around for 50 years, and is now enjoying a renaissance in the analysis of heart and lung sounds. Turn ON Bluetooth to transmit to any other stethoscope equipped with sk?p, PC or Smartphone, and use the scope exactly as before. An optional feature is a complete library of heart and lung sounds – this is especially useful for students of auscultation.