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By: SIGMA SOFTWARE  09-12-2011
Keywords: service providers, Call centre, Revenue Management

A Proven Customer, Order and Revenue Management Platform for High-Transaction, Customer-Facing Service Providers

Service providers are more focused than ever before on reducing operating expenses, increasing revenues and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Manual and disjoint customer, order and revenue management processes lead to more rework, rekeying and data quality issues, which ultimately decrease productivity, increase operating expenses, and lead to frustrations and dissatisfaction on the part of customers.
  • Additional costs are incurred and opportunities lost when extending cumbersome and not-easily-adapted customer care and billing to new sophisticated services.
  • Competitive advantage comes to the service provider that is able to provide a positive customer interaction with the call centre or with billing due to increased reliability and efficiency of business processes and business workflows.

To address these industry challenges, Sigma developed OmniCare, a complete end-to-end customer, order and revenue management platform optimized for high-transaction, customer-facing businesses, like those in the telecommunications, finance and other related industry verticals. The revenue stream in such companies begins with call centres registering large numbers of customers every day. Orders are then placed which must be validated and tracked to completion. The service provider then monitors service usage to produce regular invoices and collect revenue.

The OmniCare functionality model consists of three main modules: Customer Management, Order Management, and Revenue Management. OmniCare is tightly integrated but loosely coupled. So while OmniCare pre-integrates these modules so that there is maximum data sharing and inter-application communication efficiencies, the system's design flexibility allows service providers to select and adapt specific modules according to business plans and priorities, and also enables product customization within tight timeframes and budgets. For more information about the core OmniCare product, click on one of the following pages:

Keywords: Call centre, Customer Care And Billing, Revenue Management, service providers,