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Keywords: Accounting, Accounting Services, Technology Services

Our Services

For more than 15 years, JSC has been developing the, skills, knowledge, and network of specialists to provide comprehensive and fully integrated financial, tax, and technology solutions to individuals, professionals, and small businesses, in the Toronto area. We are committed to delivering the highest caliber of financial, tax, and technology services to our clients. Tailored solutions designed to meet their specific needs - delivered on time, on budget, and as promised

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Financial Services

JSC can provide its clients a full range of financial services tailored to meet their individual needs.

  • Personal and small business financial solutions including;

    • retirement solutions,

    • cash flow management,

    • insurance needs analysis,

    • estate solutions,

    • asset allocation,

    • business plans,

    • start up capital requirements,

    • forecasts & projections.

  • Investment advice and asset management - through the Queensbury Group JSC is licensed to provide its clients with mutual fund investments. In consultation with other appropriately licensed Queensbury Group advisors1 JSC can provide its clients a complete array of investment and insurance products to meet any client need;

    • RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans),

    • RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans),

    • TFSAs (Tax Free Savings Accounts),

    • Open Investment Accounts,

    • Mutual Funds,

    • Stocks1,

    • Bonds1,

    • GICs,

    • Limited Market Investments.

1. Insurance is provided by independant advisors licensed through Queensbury Insurance Brokers Inc. and stock exchange listed securities are provided by independent advisors licensed through Queensbury Securities Inc.

Tax and Accounting Services

JSC can prepare and file personal and unincorporated small business returns on behalf of its clients. It can also assist its clients with the preparation and filing of federal and provincial sales tax returns and payroll tax fillings. Working with their client's chartered accountant JSC helps incorporated business clients maintain and produce the financial records required to file their corporate tax fillings.

  • Personal Tax & Accounting Services;

    • T-1 returns,

    • T-1 adjustments,

    • T-1A Loss carry back requests,

    • Cash flow management and investment tracking using Quickentm software (see Technology Services).

  • Business Tax & Accounting Services;

    • Unincorporated small business T-1 returns,

    • GST returns,

    • PST returns,

    • Payroll fillings and returns (PD7A and T-4 Summary),

    • In conjunction with the clients accountant T-2 corporate returns,

    • Accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions using Quickbookstm software (see Technology Services).

Technology Services

In this new digital economy small businesses and individuals are finding it increasingly more challenging to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. Many of the new technologies available are extremely powerful and can provide their users with valuable benefits and advantages over their competitors.  The problem for individuals and small businesses is that without a dedicated IT department to analyze, acquire, implement, train, support, and maintain these new technologies they have no reliable methodology to ensure they will achieve full value from their technology investments or even if those investments are wisely spent.

As a small business itself, JSC is no stranger to the challenges and frustrations inherent in new technology. Through addressing our own needs and by working with small business and individual clients over the past 15 years we have developed a valuable and extensive body of knowledge, skills and contacts. JSC can call upon these resources to help solve our client technology problems and develop solutions that help them focus on their business and achieve their goals.

  • JSC can provide its clients the following services;

    • Intuit Quickbookstm and Quickentm accounting and personal finance solutions,

      • JSC has used Intuit software for over 15 years and is a member of the Intuit Pro Advisors program.

      • Quickbookstm is the leading small business accounting software in Canada and the U.S. and can provide a complete, customized and easy to implement accounting solution for any type of small business.

      • Quickentm is the #1 personal finance software in Canada and the U.S. and can help individuals take control of their finances and track their investments.

      • JSC provides clients with installation, customization, and training on all Intuit products.

    • Other business and personal software consulting,

      • JSC is familiar with dozens of business and personal productivity software titles (e.g. MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook) and can provide installation, customization, and training for them.

      • JSC can evaluate needs, research and analyze available options, and provide the client with the information they need to make the right choice.

    • Hardware and networking services,

      • JSC can evaluate needs, research and analyze available options, and provide the client with the information they need to make the right choice

      • JSC can source selected hardware ensuring the client gets the best price, service and support for their requirements.

      • JSC can provide basic installation and setup of a wide range of hardware including; notebook and desktop computers, printers and other peripherals, LAN/WAN networking equipment for small networks, and smart phones and PDAs.

    • Clients who have more complex technology needs can engage JSC' to help them oversee the process of finding, procuring, implementing, and supporting new technology solutions.

      • JSC can work with the client to properly identify their needs and research and evaluate available solutions.

      • JSC can prepare and presents the client with an analysis of the of the best options available detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each.   

      • JSC can assist the client in procuring and implementing the selected solution by acting as the clients representative working with the technology provider to ensure the client's expectations are met.

      • JSC can help the client select, negotiate and coordinate appropriate training and support for the implemented solution.

      • The client receives excellent value from these services as they allow the client to spend more time focused on their key business activities while deriving the benefits provided by implementing a structured and thorough selection and implementation process directed by an experienced and independent consultant acting on the clients behalf.


JSC receives compensation for the services and products they provide in two ways - fee for service and commissions.

  • Fee for service - most consulting services are provided on a fee for service basis.

    • JSC always provides the client with a proposal for every new engagement which outlines the scope and nature of the engagement and the fee(s) associated with it.

    • The fee quoted is for the completion of the work described in the proposal to the clients satisfaction and the final invoice will not vary from the quoted price unless the nature of the engagement is significantly modified in which case JSC would provide the client with a new, amended proposal for their approval. 

    • The fees charged are based on a number of factors including the estimated time required to complete the proposed engagement, the resources required, and the level of difficulty and skill needed.

  • Commissions - compensation for the efforts involved in the selection, management, and administration of mutual fund investments and the procurement of hardware and software technology sourced by JSC is calculated as a commission on the total value of the funds invested or the value of the products procured.
    • The standard commission rate is 5% but can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the given engagement.
    • Commissions generated are frequently applied partially or fully toward the fees charged for services provided under an engagement enabling the client to further reduce the cost of their consulting services by executing their investment or procurement requirements through JSC.
    • All commissions are fully disclosed to the client in the engagement proposal. The proposal clearly explains any applicable commissions and the manner in which they are calculated. Any reduction to fee for service charges available from commissions generated will also be clearly set out in the engagement proposal.

Keywords: Accounting, Accounting Services, Technology Services