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By: Sgs International  09-12-2011

SGS has been helping clients control color management challenges for many years. In fact, color is our business. We’ve developed a color management technology we call Extended Gamut (EG) to minimize spot colors, create more vibrant images, reduce printing costs, and deliver brand equity.

The basic premise of EG is to add two or three inks in addition to CMYK, to extend the color gamut and enable the press to print a wider range of colors. This standard extended gamut ink set is then used to simulate all of the many spot colors contained in your company’s color library. And, with a wider range of color, images look more vibrant, or ‘pop’ with color.

Extending color gamut is not a new concept. Extended gamut color ink sets like Hexachrome and Opaltone, for example, have been available to the marketplace for several years. Each of these extended ink sets varies individually based upon gamut and how the colors are integrated into a workflow. What makes SGS’s EG different? Our process does not rely on a fixed extended ink set. Hexachrome, for example, uses specific orange, green, or violet ink. Opaltone uses a specific red, green, and blue ink. These solutions may require licensing fees and/or subscription fees for your company as well as your pre-press and print vendor. Integrating these solutions can be costly, especially when most companies use their own custom CMYK ink set in addition to their library of spot colors. SGS’s EG solution offers you the flexibility of establishing a standard EG ink set of your own, one that conforms to the color requirements of your uniquely branded portfolio.

The benefits of SGS’s EG are significant. Using one set of standard inks to effectively simulate a vast number of spot colors can reduce the number of press runs, wash-ups, and inks involved. Fewer changeovers also yield greater consistency over the length of the print run. And most significantly, dramatic visual shelf impact translates into dollars at the cash register.

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