By: Sg Mediations  09-12-2011
Keywords: safe, Parties, criminal justice

Our Goal

To provide all parties involved with a less costly and faster alternative to litigation.  At SG Mediations, we serve the community in providing civil and criminal justice mediations that are confidential and respectful to all participants. We help you arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution to your legal conflict.


Having a case decided in the court system can become a lengthy and costly process.   Parties agreeing to mediation will be fully involved  in the process with the opportunity to create an open dialogue helping them to come to their own final agreement in a safe, respectful and confidential environment.

·   INITIAL MEETING —Each party will meet with the mediator individually for a to explain their side and to discuss all aspects of the issue at hand.

·   MEDIATION —All parties, including supporting members, will come together in a safe and respectful environment in which they will have the opportunity to tell their side of the story and to negotiate a reasonable settlement to their conflict.

·   AGREEMENT — The mediator will write up the agreements come to by the parties, indicating the specific details agreed to in the mediation. 


Mediation fees will be determined on a cases by case basis.  For more information regarding fees and the estimated length of time, please contact SG Mediations directly.

Keywords: criminal justice, Parties, safe