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By: Second Skin Medspa  26-03-2015
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Are you eyebrow challenged? Are your eyebrows sparse due to over tweezing or a medical condition? Do you have little or no eyebrow hair? Do you find it difficult to put them on without your glasses, but your glasses are in the way? Does the drawn on design come out crooked or uneven? Do your penciled brows wear off during the day? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are NOT alone! Thousands and thousands of women and men find themselves in the same position, and find that their self esteem, confidence and overall look to be complete, because of Permanent Makeup! Permanent Makeup for eyebrows are one of the most popularly requested permanent cosmetics treatments today. Trust the experience of our Second Skin Medspa permanent makeup eyebrow artists for all your permanent makeup needs. We use the latest techniques and technology for real 3D, feathered, hair stroke eyebrows. Regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair, or your current brow shape, permanent cosmetics can provide you with the perfect brows you have always wanted. •Add fabulous shape and lift to your brows – without the need for the surgeon’s scalpel •Correct sparse or over-plucked brows – say goodbye to your brow pencil •Add stunning shape and extra definition for a more youthful look •Restore the appearance of realistic looking brows with natural hairstroked eyebrows •3D, Feathered, Hairstroke Eyebrows give the best results •Color matching and stencil design use give you the exact look before starting the procedure Natural Brows An elite treatment, Natural Brows represent the pinnacle of all brow procedures. You should expect our Permanent Makeup Artist to imitate natural brow hairs, using different pigment blends and needle configurations to imitate the subtle nuances of natural brows. Our permanent makeup specialist uses a blading technique in order to give you a 3D, feathered, natural look that will match your facial structure. Hairstroke Brows This is one of the most requested brow treatments and involves tattooing imitation hairstrokes to imitate natural brow hairs. It is one of the most popular treatment requests in permanent cosmetics. Hair stroke or feathered eyebrow, is a technique we use for creating the most natural brows possible. The hair stroke technique mimics your own eyebrow hairs thus creating a feathering effect. This technique is much more natural looking than a solid fill. Powdered or Solid Eyebrows If you prefer a fuller brow, you may want to consider the powdered or solid technique. This technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup whether it be a brow pencil or brow shadow. The powder fill method involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a color and a defined shape. It is the more traditional method of cosmetic tattoo, and the pigment usually lasts longer when applied in this manner, as it is deeper in the skin. What’s the difference and which candidate is best for the Solid or Powdered technique? Well, that truly depends on the individual, however, in older skin, or skin that has been aged prematurely from sun exposure, the hair strokes do not stay in the skin as well defined as in younger, more elastic skin. So for mature clients, we would often recommend the powder fill, or hair strokes over an initial powder fill treatment, for a better result. Scar Coverage If you have gaps in your brows, our Permanent Makeup Artist can custom blend pigments to closely match your existing brow hairs and tattoo hairstrokes into the area requiring work. Men’s Brows There are a various reasons why more and more men are getting permanent cosmetics brow treatments. Men’s brows look different to women’s and require different pigments and techniques to tattoo convincingly, that is why it is an elite technique that one that only experienced artists should perform.

Keywords: permanent makeup,permanent eyebrows,permanent brows,brow tattoo,brow makeup,makeup tattoo,shape eyeb

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