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By: Scorecard Systems  09-12-2011

Keeping the logic and rules consistent across reports has long been a challenge for telecom companies. Logic is often hard-coded into queries, reports, and OLAP tools, making them difficult to maintain. Recoding changes to the rules can take months.

While many organizations may reach agreement about reported numbers at the summary level, any detailed reporting by service code, product, sales rep, or other criteria is often still fraught with reconciliation problems. Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application (SAA) can help.

By finding and matching subscriber and service status information from the source data, SAA is able to effectively generate and link activity for accurate counts. SAA’s matching logic is able to tie activity from multiple product lines for true migration path tracking.

SAA is positioned between the source data systems and the reporting layer (see diagram) and transforms data according to the agreed-upon rules. SAA can be used in any IT architecture, as a stand-alone application or integrated into the data warehouse.

SAA delivers data integrity that creates confidence in subscriber-based metrics. No longer are days and weeks spent reconciling numbers between systems and reports. Gone are the disagreements between departments about whose report is right.

Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application is a complete solution that includes both software and professional services. Every implementation is customized to fit the particular needs of the business.

Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application helps telecom businesses take their analytics to the next level. With assurance in place, time previously spent reconciling subscriber and services metrics can now be spent on more complex analysis, driving greater customer loyalty and profitability.

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Overview Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis application allows telecoms to consistently manage subscriber-based reporting and analytics across multiple source systems. Integrates easily into existing BI environment, including the data warehouse, and complements existing reporting tools. Manage business rules and metrics definitions in a single location, and leverage across all reporting tools.