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By: Scorecard Systems  09-12-2011

Subscriber Analysis Application

Today’s Reporting Challenges…
  • Multiple definitions of subscriber metrics
  • Inability to track subscriber and product migrations
  • More time spent reconciling than analyzing

Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis application allows telecoms to consistently manage subscriber-based reporting and analytics across multiple source systems.

  • Track Disparate Subscriber Activity: Locate and combine all related activity regardless of phone or account number changes.
  • Match Product Migrations: Match product transactions to allow tracking of upgrade/downgrade paths.
  • Common Rules Repository: Manage business rules and metrics definitions in a single location, and leverage across all reporting tools.
  • Define Industry Standard Metrics: Leverage industry standard metrics for more accurate reporting.
  • Audit Tracking: Trace transformed data back to the source and track business rule version history.
  • Compatible Technology: Integrates easily into existing BI environment, including the data warehouse, and complements existing reporting tools.
  • Scalable Architecture: Ability to handle large volumes of data allows it to grow with the business.

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Scorecard’s Commission Manager is a web-based application that manages commission plans, sales agent information, calculates commission payments, and automatically researches and responds to payment discrepancies. By using Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application with Scorecard’s Commission Manager, sales agents can no longer game the system to produce invalid commissionable events.


Subscriber Analysis Application - Scorecard Systems

With assurance in place, time previously spent reconciling subscriber and services metrics can now be spent on more complex analysis, driving greater customer loyalty and profitability. By finding and matching subscriber and service status information from the source data, SAA is able to effectively generate and link activity for accurate counts.