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By: Sbr International  09-12-2011

The story is not new.  You may be facing a resource shortage because there has been abnormal turnover.  Or because your strategic direction has shifted and your current talent does not have the requisite capabilities aligned with the new strategy.  Ultimately, this leaves you in need of augmented resources to help you manage through the transition.

Of course, finding highly specialized or suitable talent that is also a good fit for your organization can often be a challenge. Especially when you need it done yesterday. Generalist in-house HR departments and even recruiters are typically already balancing challenging portfolios without the added demands that  your specific requirements can create.

OPTIMUS | SBR provides resource augmentation that helps leaders clear project hurdles and build momentum right when you need them.

Our solutions include:

  • Positional hiring
  • Contract hiring
  • Short and Long term Resources

Our advantage stems from our own expertise of having to quickly and effectively hire deep, often very specialized, and highly suitable talent for our own project requirements. Our measured screening process has been honed for over 30 years and has proven to be highly effective at picking the right person, for the right job, at the right time.

We provide flexible, yet extremely suitable resources for levels spanning anywhere from senior management to front line implementation staff. We also provide ready on/off provisioning of resources to overcome critical bottlenecks.

If you’re struggling with a resource gap, contact OPTIMUS | SBR today for a no-obligation consultation.

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