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By: Salespartners Toronto  09-12-2011
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Little Voice | Mastery Program | Services | SalesPartners

The 6-week “Little Voice” Mastery Mentoring Program is designed to systematically move the limiting “Little Voices” out of the way, dissolve the self-sabotage that stops your growth and drive incredible levels of commitment, passion and energy toward whatever you desire…income, health, relationships and wealth.

Your “Little Voice” is the self-sabotaging chatter that resides in the six inches between your right ear and your left ear. It’s the part of you that sneaks up and knocks you down—in spite of your intelligence, experience or background. This is a one-on-one mentoring program that utilizes a unique set of processes that will have you accomplishing more in six weeks than most people accomplish in six months. Master your “Little Voice” and master your life.

With this program, you will learn to:

  • Set the goal you want to achieve most
  • Reprogram your “little voice” to create more income
  • Build your own value, overcome any resistance that gets in the way.
  • Drive supreme confidence in self to reach your desired reward
  • Develop the power of your authenticity
  • Develop championship level accountability
  • Create an environment of gratitude of self and others
  • Drive clarity, focus and championship performance
  • Uncover and conquer the patterns that stand in your way
  • BE the person who can HAVE what you desire

Keywords: Mastery Program, Mentoring Program,

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