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By: Sability  09-12-2011
Keywords: Workforce Management, Health Checkup

Sability helps companies make key decisions about their WFM strategy.


Companies are facing important decisions regarding their Workforce Management future.  The economy has forced a new focus on workforce efficiency and at the same time, the Workforce Management industry has undergone many changes.  Some solution vendors are no longer around; the viability of others is in question; and there are new solutions and technologies to consider. 

Given all of the options, what is the right path to take?  Should you upgrade now, wait another year, look for a new solution, consider a SaaS provider or evaluate the WFM solution provided by your HCM vendor? 


Sability provides an array of services designed to help companies at their own particular crossroads.  Our consultants help you navigate these decisions, creating a WFM strategy based on the criteria that are most important to your business. 


The Process Scorecard or System Health Checkup services are good places to start by taking a look at your current operations, establishing baseline metrics and determining the priority order for desired results.  From there, your personal success strategy will take shape and Sability will assist you in the execution, measurement and maintenance of the chosen solution.

Strategy + Execution = Success

There is no room for costly trial and error approaches to WFM strategy.  You will rest assured knowing that your path is based on your business needs, their priorities and the maximum ROI achievable for your investment.  Whether you proceed with an upgrade of your current solution, add some customizations to fill gaps or decided to find a new solution, Sability’s consultants have the experience and combined business, functional and technical skills to help you every step of the way.

Keywords: Health Checkup, Workforce Management,

Other products and services from Sability


WFM Scorecard — Sability - WFM Expertise

With over 20 years in the business, Sability answers those questions with the WFM Scorecard - an assessment approach that will validate what you're doing right, where your operations succeed, and where they fail. Soliciting input from Senior Managers, Line Managers, Administrators and Subject Matter Experts, we are able to compile an overall grade of your Operations and a roadmap for selecting your best initiatives.


WFM Health Check — Sability

A System Health Checkup from Sability is a cost-effective way for companies to quickly evaluate their current processes and identify areas for improvement. The ROI can be great, but most companies find that some of their expected goals weren’t achieved after the system is in use. Companies of all sizes and industries implement WFM systems for very similar reasons.


Spreadsheet Schedule Import/Export — Sability

The schedule export is useful for ongoing edits to the employee schedules as well as making it easy to format and print schedules for posting on break-room walls or employee bulletin boards. Even companies with advanced Workforce Management systems like Workbrain rely heavily on time-tested, supervisor approved, spreadsheet management tools.


Products — Sability - WFM Expertise

TimeCapture migrates employee profiles, balances, timesheets, schedules, punches, edits - everything related to an employee in your WFM system - to a development environment where your support team can tinker as much as necessary to understand and resolve the issue.