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By: Rycar Capital  09-12-2011


The least-to-own option enables your business to enjoy the benefit of low monthly payments and the tax advantages of leasing all while working towards long term ownership. Typically, these range from 24-60 months in length and culminate with a minimal end-of-term option.

Operating Lease

Operating leases allow your business to keep equipment purchases off your balance sheet. At the end of the term, an operating lease allows you to purchase, re-finance, or return the equipment.

Sale Lease-back

A Sale Lease-back is an agreement whereby Rycar Capital purchases equipment from your business for cash, and in turn the asset is leased back to you. The option of a Sale Lease-back enables businesses to free up capital while retaining possession and use of the asset. With a Sale Lease-back your business can take advantage of low monthly payments while reinvesting free capital in the most profitable manner.

Custom Leasing/Financing

At Rycar our personal and flexible approach enables your business to utilize a diverse array of financing methods.

  • Variable Payment Structures
  • Step Lease
  • Skip Lease
  • Balloon Payments
  • Conditional Sales Contracts

To determine which type of financing will serve your business best, please contact us today.