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By: Royal Thom  09-12-2011
Keywords: Demolition, mould, Asbestos abatement

Part of adopting a “green”lifestyle is ensuring that the air we breathe is as clean as possible. We spend the majority of our time indoors, in our homes, offices, and classrooms and we owe it to ourselves to maintain an indoor environment that is healthy and productive.

RTC Construction Services provides solutions for improving the quality of indoor air and limiting airborne hazards.


Our workers are thoroughly trained in all aspects of asbestos handling and removal. We ensure we meet all safety standards. We understand the risks and the importance of proper procedures when working with the material and how to dispose of it so that there are no continued risks.

Our personnel training is second to none. We pride ourselves on our safe working practices and our worker safety record. Over the years we have built a highly-trained, knowledgeable team dedicated to doing the best possible job under any circumstances. Our experience and knowledge in this field has made us a leader in asbestos abatement in Ontario.


RTC Construction Services has unrivaled expertise and experience with the removal of moulds. We will not only remove and repair the affected areas, but will also identify and fix the root cause of the problem to prevent any reoccurrence. During the remediation process, we isolate the affected area to prevent the spread of mould to unaffected areas of the building. Contaminated materials are gathered and disposed of properly to abate any secondary contamination.

Mould is a common problem that must be completely removed to avoid further problems. Our work has been proven effective in dozens of buildings throughout Ontario. We can work with you to remedy your mould problem regardless of how small or large. And we can provide followup assistance to curtail any future mould problems in your building.

Interior Demolition

Since the majority of our asbestos abatement projects required some type of demolition, it was logical to offer demolition as part of our service package. The scope of our demolition work now ranges from selective demolition of a single room, to completely gutting a building to its bare structure allowing for  reconstruction. Our demolition services today often do not include environmental abatement services but are part of a retrofit or renovation construction project. Depending on the scope of the project, demolition work can often be done while the building is still in use. Many of our larger scope demolition projects have been carried out to accommodate a new interior design.   

Mechanical Insulation

RTC Construction Services provides Mechanical Thermal Insulation for new construction and refurbishing projects in the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Sectors. RTC currently is involved and has worked in hospitals, major data centres, large commercial projects, universities, sewage & filtration plants as well in government infrastructure projects. We pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship that we deliver and most importantly our safety record.

General Contracting

Businesses of any size can tap into billions of dollars in construction projects currently reporting in Canada, from residential projects to commercial office buildings, hotels and more and with our large staff in the field, we can offer a broad range of construction skills to support your facilities and processes. We have also developed a large network of sub-contractors and suppliers providing a broad range of support services.

Contract services range from fixed price construction quotations, construction management and design/build agreements to on call service, in-house maintenance and construction crews, plus shop-based fabricators, assemblers and technicians. Jobs scheduled range from minor door repairs to full building additions and from small fixture fabrication to full time plant support crews. Field forces are supported by computerized estimating and administration systems and experienced operations staff. Equally important, our safety record is excellent and our staff is trained in WHIMIS, hazardous materials awareness. First Aid and emergency response. Flexible scheduling is also available to minimize workplace disruption.

Keywords: Asbestos abatement, Demolition, Demolition Work, mould