MobiKEY: Portable Identity Validation Device

By: Route1  09-12-2011
Keywords: Application Software, Mobile Devices, Software Application

The Route1 MobiKEY Classic device is an identity validation tool that simplifies the access component, while the MobiNET and DEFIMNET platforms universally manage the identities of users and entitlement to digital resources through software application software such as TruOFFICE and TruOFFICE VDI.

The MobiKEY device allows users to securely access data remotely without the need for expensive communications packages or cumbersome hardware. This patented solution is embedded on a smartcard enabled, cryptographic USB device, making it one of the most powerful and easy-to-use multi-factor authentication technologies available today.

Completely clientless and driverless, the MobiKEY device ensures that the user leaves no trace or evidence of their computing session on the Guest computer, while protecting the enterprise network from any viruses, malware and even software keyboard loggers. All enterprise files stay within the enterprise firewalls, simplifying security policy enforcement.

The MobiKEY device minimizes information security risks by eliminating the need for users to carry a laptop or other mobile devices loaded with enterprise data and applications. If the MobiKEY device is lost or stolen, enterprise networks cannot be compromised in any way - unlike other portable devices which can be used to store sensitive enterprise data and can easily put organizations at risk.

Just as a credit card or cell phone service can be suspended or cancelled when loss or theft occurs, digital certificates assigned by the MobiNET or DEFIMNET platforms can also be temporarily suspended or permanently revoked. The added advantage over the loss of a laptop or other mobile computing device is that no enterprise data is stored on the smartcard of the MobiKEY device.

Keywords: Application Software, Identity Validation, Mobile Devices, Multi-factor Authentication, Software Application,

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