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By: Route1  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, network security, Remote Access

The pace of change in today’s business environment is accelerating. As the technology revolution gathers speed, businesses are under growing pressure to keep pace. Their ability to meet the challenge of change depends largely on managing the increased virtualization of the workplace.

Route1 understands. We know that managers and employees need to take their offices with them, wherever they go. And we know that that is only possible if a company can assure the integrity and flexibility of its electronic resources. 

The biggest burden IT departments face in maintaining data and network security is user identification. Route1 lifts that burden from their shoulders. Our solutions provide IT managers with a simple, secure identity management infrastructure that lets businesses run their operations anywhere, at any time.

Route1 employs The Power of MobiNET to address the diverse needs of businesses everywhere. We can make the difference across an entire enterprise.

  • Compelling ROI: With a secure IT infrastructure, you can now extend your applications and systems to your employees wherever they are without the exponential costs of multiple vendor solutions.
  • Protected digital resources: Your business is built on your intellectual property, research, client lists and contracts—you cannot risk these resources being compromised. With Route1, you can ensure that the right people are accessing your corporate information, and protect against data being lost or stolen.
  • Increased productivity: Being away from the office does not have to mean a day of lost productivity. Secure remote access ensures that your employees can still put in a productive day even if they are not able to make it into the office.
  • Business continuity: Whether it’s a transit strike, natural disaster or pandemic, neither you nor your clients can let business be disrupted. Route1 extends your security perimeter beyond your corporate network, and ensures that work can continue from anywhere, at any time.
  • Risk management: With Route1, you can safeguard your business against unforeseen circumstances. Protect your IP, data, hardware, corporate network and human capital with high assurance identity authentication.
  • Regulatory compliance: Electronic data security means protection of customer privacy and adherence to corporate security policies and regulatory requirements. By securing your digital resources with Route1, you ensure that users are authorized to view and access sensitive data.
  • Cost containment: Route1’s smart, simple solution to electronic security helps you keep IT costs under control, extend the life of laptops and other hardware as thin clients, and reduce forklift upgrades to existing security, IT and service delivery infrastructures.
  • Green business: By enabling employees to telecommute, you can not only save time and increase productivity, you will also reduce your organization’s carbon footprint—especially from physical commuting. With Route1, you can do so with the assurance that your data remains within your corporate firewall.

Route1’s enterprise solutions have been tested and proven in industries across the spectrum. Whatever your business, Route1 can make it more effective.

  • Financial Services: Your clients expect secure transactions whether they are banking, trading securities, investing, or purchasing products. Ensure that their remote transactions are safe with Route1’s identity management solutions, and adhere to the guidelines established by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Healthcare: Your patients trust you with their confidential records. Route1 can help you maintain that trust. Our solutions are the key to securing confidential data across networks and on individual devices.
  • Pharmaceutical: You have a team of true road warriors who split their office between their home and their car. Facilitate seamless access to customer lists and proprietary pharmaceutical data without the risk of data or hardware compromise.
  • Professional Services: Your professional services team spends more time at client sites than they do in the office. Even at the customer site, keep all your corporate files at your finger tips while keeping them secure behind your corporate firewall.
  • Information Technology: Your IT department deploys, provisions and manages hundreds and thousands of devices. Updating or troubleshooting a remote device can be extremely cumbersome.  Constantly updating and deploying new equipment is costly and cuts into your bottom line. Perform all of these tasks cost-effectively and efficiently without traveling, shipping or even deploying new hardware.

Keywords: Identity Management, It Departments, network security, Remote Access, Security

Other products and services from Route1


MobiKEY: Portable Identity Validation Device

The Route1 MobiKEY Classic device is an identity validation tool that simplifies the access component, while the MobiNET and DEFIMNET platforms universally manage the identities of users and entitlement to digital resources through software application software such as TruOFFICE and TruOFFICE VDI.


DEFIMNET: Identity and Entitlement Management for Government and Military

The DEFIMNET platform is built on a foundation of information assurance through identity management and encryption, and combines with entitlement-based communications to enable access to resources, such as C4ISR systems, from anywhere and at any time.


Government Solutions - Route1 Inc

By allowing employees to work on files outside the protection of an agency firewall or store files on remote devices, governments leave themselves vulnerable to internet-based attacks or theft of mobile devices. Employees increasingly need access to their digital resources—data, files, applications and systems—from remote locations, yet government security needs are arguably higher than those of the private sector.


What We Provide - Route1 Inc

In addition, we supplement MobiNET with a range of products and services including: DEFIMNET, a private network platform designed to meet military security standards; MobiKEY, a user identification device; and applications such as TruOFFICE, an easy-to-use interface that facilitates office work from remote locations.


What We Do: Solving the information assurance challenge

The MobiNET platform combines the strength of a Public Key Infrastructure solution with the trust and flexibility of multi-factor authentication, meeting the stringent security mandates and policies established by governments, defence organizations and commercial enterprises.


Who We Serve - Route1 Inc

Route1 serves organizations and enterprises that require simple, secure solutions to the challenge of granting access to their networks and electronic resources to remote users. Our clients include businesses, governments and the military - all of whom are recognizing The Power of MobiNET in meeting their dual needs of security and flexibility.